As parents, spouses, children and friends, we are always so concerned with those around us, but often lose sight of taking care of the person that matters most.

We usually don't even consider ourselves to be one of our own top 5 priorities.

However, as we have heard repeatedly...

"You first have to love yourself before you can truly love someone else."

While we are not perfect, we are more than worthy of love and need to understand and embrace that on a daily basis.

With all the thoughtful acts of appreciation and adoration that take place at this special time of year, there could not be a more perfect occasion to put yourself first for just a day, an hour or a few precious minutes.

For those who rarely think of themselves and might be unsure of where to start, I have come up with a list of "10 Ways to Love Yourself First."

For each of the 10 categories, there are three levels of ways to reward yourself, depending on your personal desires and constraints.

"Show the Love" includes suggestions at a basic level, "True Love" kicks it up a notch, and "Love of a Lifetime" describes dream events and opportunities.

I hope that you can find a suggestion in my list of "10 Ways to Love Yourself First" that will remind you how special and worthy you are:

1. Favorite Book -

* Show the Love: Take the time to read a beloved book from your collection this weekend

* True Love: Research and buy what you think will be your new favorite, then read it

* Love of a Lifetime: Schedule a getaway weekend and take your newly purchased read along

2. Technology -

* Show the Love: Download an app that will increase work productivity, streamline daily tasks, or provide hours of mindless entertainment

* True Love: Purchase a time-saving, work- and life-organizing software for your computer, or better yet, find one that provides an outlet to express your creativity

* Love of a Lifetime: Upgrade your phone, tablet, notebook, desktop, or camera with the latest and greatest technology on the market

3. Spa Treatments -

* Show the Love: Treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure over your lunch break

* True Love: Spend a day at the spa getting a facial, massage, manicure and pedicure

* Love of a Lifetime: Embark on a spa retreat filled with days of lavish services

4. New Clothes -

* Show the Love: Buy yourself an article of clothing or shoes that caught your eye

* True Love: Purchase pieces of clothing and accessories that build an outfit similar to one that you have "pinned" or seen online

* Love of a Lifetime: Buy that high-end ensemble that you saw in a magazine ad, then wear it in a setting similar to that in which the model was photographed (for example, a nautical outfit can be taken on a cruise, a ski suit would hit the slopes, a bathing suit should be displayed on a flawless sandy beach)

5. Dining Out -

* Show the Love: Treat yourself to a quiet lunch at your favorite restaurant

* True Love: Indulge in a night out at the highest star-ranking restaurant in a city near you

* Love of a Lifetime: Splurge on a vacation to Napa, New York City, or Paris where you will find only the best food and drink

6. Jewelry -

* Show the Love: Buy a fun necklace and earring set from your fashion accessory retailer

* True Love: Treat yourself to designer charm necklace that you have had your eye on

* Love of a Lifetime: Indulge in sparkly diamond stud earrings or a designer watch that you have dreamed about for years

7. Body -

* Show the Love: Get a good workout, rather it be a jog around the block or an hour at the gym

* True Love: Start a healthy eating plan and exercise regimen

* Love of a Lifetime: If you have spent years working to improve your overall health and fitness, consult a doctor or counselor about alternative methods to help with your progress

8. Outside Assistance -

* Show the Love: Talk to a therapist about issues and challenges that you need to address

* True Love: Consult with a life coach on how make positive changes and implement them

* Love of a Lifetime: Hire help that can assist with housework, yard work, childcare duties, or after-school tutoring

9. Flowers -

* Show the Love: Buy a bouquet of your favorite flowers

* True Love: Send yourself a show-stopping flower arrangement to your home or office

* Love of a Lifetime: Build a cutting garden in your yard that will provide years of endless beauty

10. Sweets -

* Show the Love: Make the "pinned" mouth-watering dessert that you have longed to try and allow yourself enjoy it at will

* True Love: Indulge in your favorite Belgian chocolates or cake from the best bakery in town

* Love of a Lifetime: Take a trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania, or better yet, to Switzerland and spoil yourself the way it was meant to be

Regardless of whether you "Show the Love" or go all out with a "Love of a Lifetime," what matters is that you are confirming how important and worthy you are by treating yourself at this special time of year.

Don't let this Valentine's Day go by without doing something special for the person that you should love!

Here's to another Inspired Minute!

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