"Never tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon." unknown.

Goal setting never seems much fun until you learn how to get really good at goal getting. What's the difference? Want to know how I traveled to 24 countries in 18 months, without having to book an air-fare ticket for myself and only having $30 to my name when I left the country? Here's 10 quick tips to get you started.

1. Think of a goal that you want to carry out (no matter how big it is) and think of 1 smaller action step you can take towards moving toward that goal. If travel is your goal, what is the first thing that needs to be done? If money (or lack of it) is in your way, what is one thing you can do to start saving today? Put a plan in place

2. As Steven Covey says, "Begin with the end in mind," and then write it down! This is an extremely important part of the process. It is has been scientifically proven that we have a better chance of making commitments when it is written down and signed on paper. Have you ever had a sales man hand you a contract to fill out even though you hadn't agreed to buying anything yet? Guess why? He knows you will have a much more likely chance of purchasing because your subconscious mind has already committed to the process. The more detailed you can write out your plan, the better. Instead of losing weight, how many pounds, and by what date? Have a deadline that is realistic but will still push you toward excellence.

3. Take action, or as Nike Air used to say, Just Do It! Get started as soon as it is possible, even if its just the smallest step in the process. When I made the goal to start traveling, I had no money and didn't know even know where or when I was going, but I needed a passport before I could do either, so guess where I was the next day? In line at Walgreens getting my passport photos. Then when I had enough money the following week, I went to the post office to get the passport. They were baby steps, but they led the way very quickly into the bigger ones.

4. Celebrate! If you go out tomorrow and accomplish that goal, even if its just a small step in the process, then pat yourself on the back! This will begin to create momentum and help keep you inspired. Set the next goal and continue building momentum and moving forward. Many small goals will be easier and more manageable than just having a larger goal that just seems out of reach.

5. Who do you surround yourself with? Are they people who will support you or will they suck your energy away? Surround yourself with positive people and those who have already accomplished what you have set out to do. If you don't know anyone in person, find forums and groups online. www.Meetup.com is a great way to meet people with similar interests and goals and you may have an instant support group. Specifically look at groups on success, goal setting, turning dreams into reality, etc. You will have a safe place to dream as little or big as you want without someone telling you that its not possible.

6. Don't be afraid to fail. Nearly everything has a learning curve. You wont be a success right out of the gate, and you might have a few bumps and bruises along the way. It's normal and part of the process. Learn from your mistakes and find out what you can do to continue moving forward.

7. Keep a gratitude journal, or at least get in a regular practice of listing the things that you have already accomplished, and the things you have in your life now that you are grateful for. Positivity will open many more doors than negativity ever will. The more you focus on what you don't have, the more resistance you will subconsciously create for yourself.

8.. Keep faith in the process. There are some answers you won't always have. Faith is taking action even when you can't see through the fog. It will allow doors to open that you wouldn't have even thought possible. If you are a religious person, you should understand this process, but even if you aren't I hope you can accept that there is a higher power or force that will work to align things. It may not always go according to your plan, but how do you know that your plan was ultimately the best plan? Remember, when one door closes, another one always opens in its place.

9.Make sure you are clear on the reasons why this goal is important to you. This will be the driving force that moves you through the "mud" and the more difficult times. If you aren't clear, it will be really easy to give up and quit half way through.

10. Don't be afraid to try, even if it's not easy at first. More importantly, don't be afraid of the success. As a very wise man once said to me, "Success is nothing sure I've cried, it's failure that will win when nothings tried." (Thanks Dad.)

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Elizabeth A Wright is a newly published author and is currently working on several projects. She writes inspiring articles on her own travel blog found at http://www.lizwrightnow.com where she shares travel tips and her adventures from two years abroad. For a free chapter from her upcoming book: "Encumbered: Traveling the world without limits" please visit her website and subscribe today for valuable information to begin planning your next adventures.