Nowadays "recycle" is a popular slogan and in case of coffee grounds, we have no exception.

We always tend to throw away coffee grounds which can be reused in countless ways and can help us at home, to take care of vegetable gardens also.

So let's see how we can exploit the enormous potential of coffee grounds!

How to use coffee grounds for the home?

Coffee grounds against ants

If we particularly love coffee we cannot say the same about ants! If we want to keep them away from home sprinkle coffee grounds where we see that ants enter, this can be an excellent alternative to chemicals.

Coffee grounds against odors

One of the best uses of coffee grounds is to counteract odors. For example, if we put them in the fridge in a container for a couple of days, they will not only absorb any bad smells, but will also leave a pleasant aroma.
If the smell of garlic, onion (and the like) doesn't want to go out of your hands, you can rub them and wash with warm water.

Coffee grounds to clean the house

If we are dealing with fouling, coffee grounds can help us solve the problem as a kind of natural "scrub". It will be enough to rub with the help of a sponge and maybe a little neutral soap.

They are also a great product for cleaning the fireplace. If we sprinkle the surfaces of the fireplace with coffee grounds that are still damp, it will be easier to remove the ash.

Coffee grounds as a natural colorant

If we bring the coffee grounds to the boil we will get a natural dye to use for clothes, fabrics etc.
Furthermore, if we take the bottoms and mix them with warm water to obtain a creamy paste, we can touch up the scratches on dark wooden furniture.

How to use coffee grounds for beauty treatments

Coffee grounds for hair

We have already mentioned that coffee can become a natural dye, therefore it can also be used for hair in this sense. Adding coffee for example to henna can help to achieve dark and warm reflections. Furthermore, coffee used as a compress can help reduce dandruff, give shine and strengthen hair.

A natural scrub

Just grind the coffee and add it to olive oil or honey to get a natural scrub for body and face that will leave your skin extremely smooth.
Moreover with coffee and bottoms it is possible to make a foot bath in fact it will be enough to put the feet to soak in lukewarm water and coffee for 20 minutes and uses the bottoms on the rough areas.

Anti-cellulite coffee grounds

By recycling coffee grounds you can make your natural cellulite cream. Just combine them with a simple moisturizer or olive oil and make a compress that you can massage for 10 minutes, or wrap with a film and hold for 20 minutes. To be repeated 2-3 times a week.

How to use coffee grounds for garden care?

Coffee grounds as a fertilizer

Sprinkling coffee grounds in our plant pot or on the ground will have a nourishing effect on the plants. Alternatively, two cups of coffee grounds can be placed in the watering can, leave to rest for a couple of hours and then water the plants.

Coffee grounds to keep snails away

Snails, like ants, are not coffee lovers, so if you put them at strategic points in the garden you can keep them away.

Flower fertilizer

They are suitable for all flowers like azaleas, rhododendrons, roses, camellias that require acid soil.

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