The medical dictionary defines impotence as the lack of power, especially lack of sexual power in man. This means there is a consistent inability to achieve and maintain an erection in order to have intercourse. There are different causes of impotence. A functional cause is due to something being wrong with the central nervous system. An organic cause can be due to some anatomical defect in the sexual organs. There are also many other factors that can impact the male's general health that can cause impotence. Here are some of those factors:

• Medications, particularly for high blood pressure, sedatives, ulcer drugs, antihistamines, and drugs for depressive states, such as lithium.
• Diabetes mellitus is an extremely important factor and can often cause impotence.
• The use of alcohol and drugs are extremely important, and alcoholics and drug abusers are likely to be impotent.
• Diseases that affect the central nervous system as in stroke, multiple sclerosis, syphilis, or spinal cord injuries.
• Glandular diseases that affect sexual glands, adrenal, thyroid or pituitary glands.
• Surgery of the back, genitals, cardiovascular or prostate.
• Smoking can also be a factor leading to:
• Hardening of the arteries (athersclerosis) that can affect the blood circulation to the penis.
• Toxic chemicals can be another cause, and workers who are exposed to these chemicals over an extended period are at risk.
• Psychological problems

Impotence, or loss of sex drive, commonly occurs in both men and women as they get older. But it's a myth that impotence is an inevitable part of aging. The reality is that the foods we eat affect the body as a whole - including sexual health. The average diet of a person is rich in artery-clogging foods that not only deplete sexual function, but promote such health reproductive problems as prostate and ovarian cancer.

The modern, processed diet as a whole presents a threat to health and vitality, but the following that will be listed below are some of the main culprits that threaten sexual vitality and can cause impotence:

1. Refined Sugar
Refined sugar weakens the immune system and creates an environment inside the body that's friendly to disease. It also blocks sex drive. Men who consume too much refined sugar may have trouble maintaining an erection, and women may find it difficult to experience orgasm.

2. Meat
For healthy, vital energy flow during sex, each partner should eat according to his or her natural body type. The energetic qualities of food are just as important as nutrition in maintaining a healthy balance between male and female energies.A diet high in saturated fat not only makes your body less flexible, it can also block energy flow to the reproductive organs.The excess of chicken and beef in the modern diet creates bodies that are too contracted, harder and denser. The flow of energy through these tight bodies can be easily blocked, resulting in impotence or frigidity. Women who naturally have soft bodies become less sensitive to sex, while normally muscular men become even more difficult and experience premature ejaculation.

3. Soy
Soy is absolutely the worst food for testosterone. If you want to have a strong erection, you must stay away from soy. The reason soy is so bad is because soy contains isoflavones, chemicals that are very similar to estrogen. As you eat more soy, your body thinks of its estrogen, which gives the impression that you have more estrogen in your body. It means less strength, sperm, libido and testosterone.

4. Alcohol
Alcohol can be harmful to your sex life. Excessive consumption of alcohol can cause dilation of the blood vessels in the body, but they are difficult to close.The penis, as a result, may get erect but may not be able to stay erect for long as there is no vessel holding the blood inside the member. This can turn into ED in the long run. You must consume alcohol in moderation.

5. Dairy Products
Dairy products, which have the proper nutrition for a growing calf, are not really appropriate for human consumption. Besides containing high levels of saturated fat, these foods upset the natural balance of the body. Soft dairy products, such as ice cream, turn the normally hard, dense bodies of men soft, which interferes with sex drive.In addition, artificially high levels of estrogen in today's dairy products are detrimental to hormonal balance and can affect sexual function in both men and women.

6. High cholesterol food
Foods high in cholesterol such as eggs, cheese and butter also increase the risk that men develop ED problems or impotence.Cholesterol in excess can pose risk of several heart diseases and several other medical conditions that can also have a negative impact on your manhood.

7. Frozen Food
While this one may appear surprising, most frozen foods include excess of salt or fats, both of which are not healthy for your heart. Since most of the heart conditions can also affect your sexual health, increasing the risk of ED or impotency, you should cut down on your frozen food intake.

8. Packed Food
Just like frozen foods, other forms of packaged foods also contain too much salt, fat or preservatives.Eating too much packaged food increases the risk of developing high blood pressure and longer-term heart problems and also causes impotence.

9. Salt
Salt, can increase the risk of diseases such as heart problems and high blood pressure, you must reduce your sodium intake. Such diseases also increase the risk of impotence.

10. Fried food
Fried foods like french fries, doughnuts, fried chicken and fried fish can result in clogged, hardened arteries, a condition known as atherosclerosis.The arteries that distribute blood to the penis are very small, and when this arteries harden due to clogging, the blood that will be supply to the penis will be limited, which prevents erection.

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