In the world of tights, 100 denier tights are quite simply the thickest types of tights you can buy on the market. The term “Denier” is a unit of measurement that describes the actual thickness (Or mass) of textiles. This standard derived its name from the name of a French coin. A denier is also equivalent to a single strand of silk.

For maximum coverage with no possibility of showing any skin, 100 denier tights are the ideal leggings. Tights on the market are usually within the range of three to a 100 denier. Needless to say, the higher the rating, the less opaque the tights are. There are many reasons why we would want tights with very a very low rating. And it almost always revolves around trying to nail a specific style with a corresponding outfit.

For smoothing out the legs, low ratings anywhere between three and fifteen are recommended as they are particularly sheer. They are also particularly adept at hiding and covering blemishes of any sort. A denier rating that approaches thirty starts to look semi-opaque. But for purely practical reasons, 100 denier tights are an excellent choice. They are thick and perfect for keeping warm without sacrificing style. This is due to the high weave count which is perfect for colder climates and seasons.

100 denier tights really come into their own during winter as it allows fashionable women to remain stylish without sacrificing the need for additional warmth due to the climate. They are great for matching with skirts and dresses and allow you to remain as fashion forward as you want to be. Because they are primarily a fashion statement, these tights come in a many styles and colors to suit a variety of tastes.

Darker (And some might say Drab) colors such as black, brown and even very dark greens and blues are the safest colors to choose as they go pretty much with anything. This is exactly why the vast majority of 100 denier tights worm during winter are darker colors. However, for those of you that require something “Louder”, there are always the wild colors such as purple’s and pink’s that you can pair with you coat.

The thickness of 100 denier tights also present an additional benefit to the designers and manufacturers of such goods. The thickness allows intricate details to be woven into the tights itself which is very difficult to do when working with thin tights. The range of designs are many from tartan tights to even Lurex tights that glitter as you party the night away. As a versatile and fashionable pair of tights, you cannot go wrong with the hugely practical yet stylish 100 denier tights.

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