Practice makes perfect. Prepare yourself going into a job interview. Know what may happen, what the questions will be and emerge a star. This list goes a long way!

As you venture into the lions cave of job searching you'll find yourself spending hours possible days searching for opportunities, drafting resumes and cover letters and passing on application. Thereafter you will find yourself waiting for the call, email or invitation for a job interview. When that comes, you'll venture into preparing for your first, second and possibly third interview that hopefully leads to a job offer. In the scope of all this and as you built experience you will be comfortable with the varied elements of job searching, applications and interview but until then, it's hard to establish what you can really expect. This is what we do in the following.

Know the Questions You May be Asked In a Job Interview

Beneath we share a long list of what we refer to as star interview questions that you can well expect you'll be presented with when you sit across the hiring manager or the headhunter. Knowing these upfront and ahead will allow you to prepare - and more importantly - "nail the interview" as they say.

Obviously it's impossible to say for sure which of these, all or some will be asked. This really depends on a lot of variables but the better prepared you are for any such question and the more you think of contingent on the stop convincing answers, the higher the probability of success.

We will not share suggested answers. That will be impossible and it will leave this blog post far too long. We will however, over time, cherry pick from the list of start interview questions and focus on possible generic statements that can help to convince any interviewer that you are simply the perfect candidate for the job.

So stay tuned and come back often. We might just surprise you.

100 possible Star Interview Questions that you may be asked.

Background and history related interview questions

Where were you last employed and what did you do?
What was your position, title and period of employment?
What were your job expectations then?
Where they met?
What were your responsibilities?
How did you perform?
What was your starting and ending compensation?
Did you face any major challenges in your last job?
What where they?
How did you handle them?
Tell me what you most liked about your past job?
and what did you most dislike about your past job?
What will you never forget [a key experience in your last job]
Which was most and least rewarding?
What was your biggest accomplishment?
What was your biggest failure?
What did you learn from the failure you just mentioned?
What kind of person was your immediate superior?
Did you like him/her?
Why? Why not?
What kind of manager do you work best with?
Did you have any problems at work?
Have you ever had any difficulty with prior managers?
How did you address and resolve these?
What do you expect from your ideal manager?
Why did you leave your job?
Why were you terminated [where relevant]
What was missing which drove you to leave your job?
What have you been doing since you left [if relevant]

Let's talk about you

In 1 minute, describe who you are
Tell me your most significant weakness?
Why do you feel it's a weakness?
Tell me your greatest strength?
Why do you feel it's a strength?
How do you feel your key strength can help you in this job?
What would your previous manager say are your strongest points and biggest weaknesses?
What is your typical work week? How do you normally work?
Describe your work style.
Are you a team player?
How does a good team player work?
What are your normal work hours - how many hours do you normally work?
Do you work from home?
How do you handle stress and pressure?
What do you do to improve on your weakness(s)?
What have you done to improve yourself in the past year?
How do you motivate yourself? Can you?
What motivates you?
What are the most difficult decisions you have to make?
Did you ever fire anyone?
How do you handle criticism?
What do co-workers say about you?
Do you have any passions? What are they?
Why are you passionate about what you just said?
What is a good team?
What does it take to make a high performance team?
What do others say about you?
How do you respond to this?
What are your greatest disappointments in life?
Do you ever get angry?
What can make you angry in a workplace?
How do you handle your anger?
Describe your work ethics?
What kind of person would you refuse to work with?
If you had the chance, what would you differently in your work life?
What irritates you about co-workers?
If I was to ask others if we should hire you, what would they say?
Are you a lone ranger or a team player?
Which do you prefer [lone ranger or team work style]? Why?
To you, what is success?
How do you handle disagreements with your manager?
How do you handle unethical behaviour if you experience it?
Describe a time when you were feeling overworked. How did you handle this?
What are your compensation expectations for this job?
If you had the financial means [which you may have?] would you retire now?
What is more important to you, the money or the job?

The job you apply for and the company

Why are you applying for this job?
Why should we hire you?
What kind of value can you bring to our company?
If we don't hire you, what will you then do?
What relevant experience do you bring?
What relevant skills and abilities do you have?
Why can't we say no to you?
What do you know about us?
What do you think this position is about?
What will surprise you in this job?
What will disappoint you in this job?
What will motivate you to excel beyond expectation?
If you lack expertise and experience for this job, how would you propose to compensate for this?
Are you willing to put the interest of the company ahead of your own?
If you were me, what would you look for in a job applicant for this position?
Are you qualified for this job? Why?
Why do you want to work here?
What motivated you to apply?
Do you know anyone who works for us? Who?
Are you willing to travel?
Are you willing to relocate?
How long do you expect to stay with us?
What will be your next step?
Do you have any career aspirations?
What are they?
Are you applying for other jobs?
Do you have any questions about us or the job that we have not covered?

The future

Where do you go from here? What is your next job?
What is your dream job? Where do you want to be 5 years from now?
How do you plan to achieve your dream?
What are your remuneration expectations in the short term and in the long term?

Help us grow and revise this long list of start interview questions. Share your experience and learns. Tell us what you were asked and what you think is irrelevant in the list.

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