For generations now we have been told to take a pill for everything. It's really beginning to take it's toll on the population. The fasting growing population in America is those who have buried someone they love due to a drug overdose. You would think that we are talking about teens and young adults, but we are not. We are loosing our loved ones in every age, income bracket and education level. No group is spared.

How did this happen? We trust the medical profession. We like an easy fix. We are brainwashed by commercials. What is important is what can we do about it. We can start to look at taking responsibility for our health. Do more research before we jump into the chemical fix. IF you have children, lock up your prescriptions and set a good example. Open your mind to alternatives in reducing stress, like exercise, yoga, healthy food and Energy Psychology.
In the last ten years I have buried three young men in my family and we were not even overly dysfunctional in the addiction area. I believe if you think you are not from a dysfunctional family, you are in denial. We have TEN MILLION of our children on behavior meds. With these numbers this number is going to rise not fall.

Last year I was a guest speaker at the behavior schools here in Las Vegas. Las Vegas has a 350% higher chance of overdose than the national average. The principal of one of the schools pulled his teachers out of my lecture because I was not following the current method of behavior modification. (drugs) No problem can be solved at the level it was created. I was trying to let teachers know there are alternatives to drugs, but that was considered heresy.

How many more will we loose before we wake up. These numbers do not take into consideration the ruined lives of those who survive and live in severe addiction or jail. These stats are going to get worse if we continue to do nothing. Do some research before you take another pill. I am not saying we cannot benefit from certain chemical products, I am asking that we put effort into finding healthy alternatives. We have become research junkies for everything else, lets use that addiction to save lives.

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Friday, April 24, 2009
How one Om Tuning Fork Can Make and Keep You Healthy

For a free workbook on "Emotional Sound Techniques" go to
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