Email marketing to your opt-in list is one of the most effective — not to mention affordable — types of marketing there is. Assuming you’ve built a solid list of people who are interested in the type of information or services you provide, the next critical ingredient is getting your audience to actually read your emails.

However, that’s getting more and more difficult to do. Statistics vary. But for sake of argument, a study by the Radicati Group from May 2009 estimated the number of emails sent in the world each day to be around 247 billion. Yes, BILLION. Which means more than 2.8 million emails are sent every second.

Of those, around 80% of these messages are considered spam. Still, that leaves most professionals in the U.S. receiving over 100 legitimate emails a day.

So with everyone’s email boxes overflowing, how do you get your email marketing promotions to garner the attention they deserve? By giving each email a subject line that makes people stop and take notice of course!

I’ve compiled a list of 101 subject line “starters” for you here. Of course, you’ll want to add your own special touches. You can also personalize the subject lines by incorporating the person’s first name. Or you can add an element of time (i.e. “this Friday” or “tonight”), which will give your emails a greater sense of urgency.

1. Have you heard about this?

2. This is your last chance to register for ____________________.

3. Which option do you prefer?

4. So… what are you waiting for?

5. Want my secret weapon for ____________________?

6. Are you in the know about this?

7. This changes… everything!

8. Did you know that ____________________?

9. What does your ____________________ say about you?

10. Could this be possible?

11. The FREE call about ____________________ starts in 15/30/60 minutes!

12. Just checking in…

13. There are only 3/5/a few spots left!

14. Print this out and save it!

15. This is your last chance.

16. Here’s something to think about before the next time you ____________________.

17. Got this yet?

18. Here are my top 3 secrets for ____________________.

19. Just in case you missed this…

20. I need your help with something important.

21. Here’s my favorite ____________________.

22. Can I give you some free advice?

23. I’m about to spill the beans on ____________________.

24. Learn to double/triple/cut in half your ____________________.

25. 5 surefire tips to make your ____________________ work better/harder/faster.

26. Do you have a burning question about ____________________?

27. Is your ____________________ outdated?

28. Don’t be the last to know!

29. Do you have dinner/lunch/breakfast plans?

30. Are you missing out on this?

31. Can you do this today?

32. Are you making this mistake?

33. This is HUGE.

34. I have a quick question for you.

35. Take care of this before you forget!

36. Have you seen this?

37. Is this why you’re losing business?

38. Heads up. We’re about to raise the price!

39. Last chance ever to ____________________.

40. Can I help you ____________________?

41. There’s still time to jump on the call happening NOW!

42. Were you there tonight/today/yesterday?

43. Are you secretly avoiding wealth/success/other?

44. Can we talk about this?

45. Be the first to ____________________.

46. Are you kicking yourself for missing this?

47. Make more money by ____________________.

48. I bet you’re overpaying for ____________________.

49. 3 false myths about ____________________.

50. My competitors aren’t going to be happy I’m sharing this…

51. Only X more days until it’s gone forever…

52. It’s finally here.

53. We’re scheduled to talk tomorrow, right?

54. Hurry! This offer will expire on ____________________.

55. How would you like to ____________________?

56. What to do AFTER you ____________________.

57. Is this true for you too?

58. I heard you were looking for ____________________.

59. Just a friendly reminder to ____________________.

60. Who your clients hire when they don’t hire you…

61. Your competitors already know this…

62. Here’s your chance to ____________________.

63. Finally! The _____________________ you’ve been waiting for.

64. Here’s the free gift I promised you!

65. I thought you’d want to know…

66. There are only X spots left. Is one of them yours?

67. Would you like the magic ingredient to ____________________?

68. Something important I’ve learned about ____________________.

69. Don’t make the same mistake I did!

70. You’ll never believe what I found out…

71. Haven’t you waited long enough?

72. The ____________________ strategy that will make you or break you.

73. The secret to transforming your ____________________.

74. Learn how to ____________________ for less.

75. What your clients aren’t telling you that you really need to hear…

76. Are you still doing this?

77. Here’s a free gift to help you ____________________.

78. Have you had enough?

79. Remember this?

80. Are you ready to up-level?

81. Frankly, I’m confused.

82. Be the first to get your hands on this!

83. Time is ticking!

84. If you ____________________, you need to know this!

85. Will you do me a favor?

86. Stop losing sleep about this…

87. 3 simple steps to skyrocket your biz.

88. How many clients have you lost because of this?

89. Here’s a rare second chance…

90. Finally! An answer to your biggest ____________________ question.

91. Will you take a look at this for me?

92. Can you settle this bet for me?

93. Find out how to do ____________________ better than your competitors.

94. Are you kicking yourself?

95. It’s not too late. Jump on this while there’s still time!

96. The most expensive mistake when it comes to ____________________.

97. I don’t normally write you on Saturday, but…

98. You’ve been asking for this. And here it is!

99. This has been really upsetting me…

100. It’s time to make a decision about this.

101. The trouble with ____________________ is that…

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