Every dog owner will want their pet to be happy, which is why it is important to be aware of your dog's needs-both physical and emotional. Every dog is unique in their way, but they still have a few common traits that can give you a clear idea of how you can better care for it.

Whether you are new to having a dog or if you have had dogs in the past, their condition takes priority, so here are a few tips you can follow to ensure that your dog is satisfied and comfortably settled in their new home.

Feeding Essentials

If you own a puppy, you will have to provide them with at least four meals a day. And if you have an older and larger canine, who are more prone to bloating, it would be ideal to give them two average-sized meals a day.

Use dry food of premium quality- it has balanced food contents that encourage your dog's healthy growth. You can also add broth or canned food with the dry food to make it easier for them to digest. Try giving them something different to eat every once in a while- cooked eggs, vegetables, fruits, or even cottage cheese.

Make sure you do not give them food because it can disrupt the balance of vitamins and minerals inside their body, which can cause teeth problems, obesity, and bone problems.

Addressing Their Bathroom Needs

Potty training your dog is an essential practice that you must instill in your dog as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will get into the habit of making a mess on your property and leaving behind permanent stains everywhere.

For outdoor potty training, take your dog outside on regular walks and let them do their business in a certain location. Praise them and offer them treats as this will make them believe that this was a good act. With a few more walks outside, your dog will become more familiar and at peace to handle their business outside on their own.

You can also train them indoors but make sure you have the right tools for the job. You will need lots of patience, a litter box, and "Patio Pet Life," a natural solution to effectively clean your pets' mess with their diverse range of special pad sizes and trays to make cleaning easier for you.


Like humans, dogs also need a lot of exercises to stay fit, stimulate the mind, and become healthier and happier as they get more active.

Dogs tend to develop destructive behaviors when alone, which can be emotionally damaging for their mental health and a hassle for you to manage if it turns into a habit. Making them exercise will reduce those boredom vibes, ensuring their physical and mental health is being taken care of.

Give Them Space

Dogs want to have a private space of their own where they can feel relaxed in their own company. Create a separate area for them in your house, big enough for them to move around freely. Add some comfortable beds and toys. When they start feeling comfortable in their personal small home space, it will lessen their anxiety and allow them to explore other parts of your house too.

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