1. Write a book/booklet/whitepaper
2. Remember the customer is always right.
3. Determine what you want your marketing to accomplish for your business ?
4. Measure your Marketing efforts. Where are you getting the most bang for your buck?
5. Get a website if you don’t have one. Make sure it is optimized (Search engine Optimization). Install Google Analytics to determine where people are coming from.
6. Listen to what your customers want by using surveys, visiting forums, searching keywords
7. Never stop learning especially about your business/industry, marketing and self improvement.
8. Set weekly goals for sales, marketing.
9. Outsource marketing that will be better suited for an expert such as PR, (even though you should learn all you can about these areas).
10. Plan out Marketing for a Year
If you choose Direct Mail, remember it doesn’t work overnight. Always follow up after each mailing.
Article Marketing- Write often and regularly at least 15 articles a month. Don’t have time repurpose material.
Social Media -Merge/Connect Your Linked in/Twitter/Facebook/ Have a strategy in place What do you hope to accomplish.
Submit your website to Directories.
Develop a Link Building Campaign.
Develop a PR Campaign.
Consider conducting free or paid Seminars.
Demonstrations/Trade Shows
11. Be active in the community. Give back Sponsor a charity. How are you different? Better? What are they?
12. Networking-Reciprocity-giveaway free info as well as refer others.
13. Know your competition. Preferable 7 to 10 of them
14. Develop a 30 second elevator speech. Practice it always.
15. Develop professional collateral material.
16. Know where the top 20% of your customers come from.
17. Marketing requires 7 to 10 contacts before you seven get noticed. Don’t give up.
18. Test! Just because your competition isn’t doing it, it doesn’t mean it won’t work it might mean they never thought about it. Study. Look at what works in other industries as well.
19. SEO is important on the internet it is difference between being found and not
20. Be consistent. The appearance across your website, business card, Poster/Flyer, Twitter and Facebook should be consistent.
21. Develop an Ideal Client Customer Profile.
22. Have a Marketing Budget.
23. Image (Perception) is important. How do you look to your clients? If you have store front, how does it look If you don’t know ask your customers they will be more than glad to tell you
24. What do your customers complain about the most? Figure out how to resolve it immediately
25. Implement a customer loyalty program
26. Create systems (Create policies and procedures for handling returns, incoming and going phone calls etc.)
27. Always treat your customers like they’re priceless because they are. Make every customer experience a WOW experience.
28. Follow Up. Stay in touch with customers. Offer free useful content to clients often. Whether networking or autoresponder.
29. Automate as much of your marketing as possible.
30. See customers in the long term not the short term. Think Customer Lifetime Value.
31. Cross sell every sale. Determine products that compliment each other. Study patterns of how customers pay now.
32. Ask for referrals. Implement a Referrals Strategy. Make sure your customers know how to refer you and what type of customers you want.
33. Join a Mastermind Group. It will help you in every area of your business.
34. Offer an Ironclad guarantee with no strings attached.
35. Build relationships because people buy from people they know, like, trust.
36. Sell on value not price.
37. Submit website to several high ranking, directories.
38. Know your product inside out strengths and weaknesses.
39. Realize that Marketing is an investment not an expense.
40. The more you specialize or the narrow the niche the more you can charge.
41. Have a vision for your business.
42. Know the competition.
43. Create your Unique Selling Proposition- Competitive Advantage
44. Do what you love.
45. Hire a Copywriter. A copywriter can write sales copy and save you time and money.
46. Think outside the box. Look at other industries for what is working and try it.
47. Jay Conrad Levinson says it best “Repetition is not the same as consistency. Prospects should see message over and over again.
48. Sell on value not price. Stay away from customers who don’t want to pay you what you are worth.
49. Write a 101 list. Submit it to Digg.
50. Write and Submit press release regularly. Be careful with free submissions.

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Shonda Miles, MBA is the owner of Miles Consulting LLC. Miles Consulting LLC helps small businesses develop marketing strategies to grow their business. Shonda Miles is a business consultant and business coach. For more information on getting more business visit www.milesconsultingllc.com.