51. Write articles and submit to top 10 article directories.
52. Get a blog. Submit it to blog directories. Make at least 3 post daily if not 10 times a week.
53. Join a Web ring with a specific topic.
54. Answer questions on Yahoo Answers.
55. Submit RSS Feeds to top directories.
56. Start a Podcast.
57. Get your own YouTube Channel. Also Purchase a .tv extension for YouTube Channel.
58. Start writing a newsletter.
59. Get .gov or .edu link back to your website.
60. Start a linkbuidling campaign.
61. Get your website listed on DMOZ.
62. Develop Link wheel Strategy.
63. Write and Submit at least 10 Link exchange letters a month or to be more aggressive weekly.
64. Comment on relevant blogs weekly, daily if possible.
65. Submit your website to Yahoo Local Search.
66. Submit your website to Google Local Search.
67. Submit your website to Bing Local Search.
68. Develop a PPC Campaign.
69. Submit website to directories.
70. Submit website to specialty directories.
71. Join local Chamber. Get a link back to your website.
72. Join Better Business Bureau. Get a link back to your site.
73. Put Certifications on your website. This will build credibility.
74. Segment markets. (Are there smaller subsets of your market that you can capitalize on?)
75. Develop your story or as Chet Holms says Your Core Story.
76. Ask customers what they want.
77. Figure fixed costs.
78. Determine ROI on marketing.
79. Cultivate your marketing message
80. Create a top 10 list based on you what you do. Create a Tip Sheet based on you what you do. Create 10 Myths based on you what you do. Create 5 Mistakes based on you what you do.
81. Commit to posting to forums.
82. Optimize images on website.
83. Offer free information on page above fold. Use opt-in form. Stay in touch with email list every week. Offer free content (ecourse, white paper) or bonuses.
84. Develop Marketing timeline 3 month, 6 months , 12 months.
85. Develop monthly Marketing Budget.
86. Ask all customers How did you hear about us? Write this information down and Analyze it regularly.
87. Develop a Resource list for a top or specialty.
88. Give everyone your business cards. Talk to everyone about your business.
89. Visit forums often to see what problems/questions your customers are asking.
90. Keep content fresh and up-to-date on your website.
91. On Twitter Reply to those with a lot of fillers. Also on Twitter with those with a lot of followers, look at their followers and who they follow get involved in the conversation.
92. Set up RSS feeds on popular sites. Be the first to comment.
93. Develop Client list. Post on website.
94. Make sure your website is user-friendly.
95. Make sure your address is on website. Add your phone number above the fold on website.
96. Develop information products often. Make your website a 24/7 Sales machine.
97. Conduct free teleseminars. This will help you build your list.
98. Develop a list of blog Titles. Sketch out articles. Write later.
99. If you get a lot of the same questions, consider developing an FAQ page.
100. Develop a marketing kit.
101. Develop a Press Kit.
102. Add video testimonials.

Author's Bio: 

Shonda Miles, MBA is the owner of Miles Consulting LLC. Miles Consulting LLC helps small businesses develop marketing strategies to grow their business. Shonda Miles is a business consultant and business coach. For more information on getting more business visit www.milesconsultingllc.com.