Do you dread the spring weather due to symptoms that include congestion, runny nose, sneezing or itchy eyes and others? There are 40 to 60 Million Americans who are not a favorite to blooming plants because of the seasonal allergy; hay fever. In fact, the world populations that will tend to sniffle in the spring weather are about 10-30% percent.

The symptoms of allergy that you and a lot of many other people experience are caused by multiple forms of male micro gametophytes or pollen. Hay fever specifically is caused by three types of pollen; grass pollen, ragweed pollen and tree pollen. It’s important that you visit an urgent care center in long beach if you’re not sure that your symptoms are for hay fever because you could also be experiencing other allergies that exhibit the same symptoms.

A majority of the population that suffers from hay fever start experiencing the symptoms before turning 21 years old. Hay fever is not a contagious disease and symptoms are not life threatening. You can find treatment for your condition at the nearest urgent medical care in long beach to reduce the irritation that usually results from the symptoms.

The doctor will usually prescribe similar OTC medicine and natural remedies and for more severe cases you might get allergy shots. Doctors at urgent care center in long beach may also prescribe a corticosteroid nasal spray. The first dose of this will give you relief within 12 hours.

Doctors advise that you understand what and how your seasonal allergies are triggered in order to be in a position to get treatment faster. Some of the steps that you can take to control your hay fever spark are to avoid going outdoors at some point in the day.

According to experts the worst time go outside for people with hay fever allergies is between 5pm and 10 A. M. since pollen count is at its highest during this time. You can consider walking your dog or going out later in the day during spring to better manage the occurrence of your hay fever.

If your hay fever attack is sudden, you can find relief at a medical facility offering urgent medical care in long beach. The doctor at the clinic will examine your specific symptoms and prescribe the best treatment to treat your symptoms. You can also talk with your doctor to prescribe medicine before your hay fever attack so that you don’t wait for your symptoms to get out of control.

In some instances you will not be given medicine immediately when you go into a at urgent care center in long beach. This is because the doctor will want to perform several tests to rule out any conflicting illness that is indicated by some symptoms that are abnormal to hay fever. Trust the physician and any combination of method that they recommend for treating your hay fever symptoms.

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