Sometimes you don’t have time for a long formula or to sit down and work through a process. There are times where you need confidence fast, instant confidence. Here are 25 ways to get an instant boost of confidence.

1. Compliments

Be on the listen out, not just look out, but listen out for compliments. Compliments reveal the value others see in you.

2. Successes

Log all your successes. You need to write those down. Whether it’s the first webpage you completed; first song you played on the guitar, or the first million you made in business.

Keep a record of your successes, great and small, and review them regularly.

3. Failure

That’s right, failure can actually boost your confidence because it is so beneficial to fail and determine what is different.

A study was done of pottery students. One section of the class was told, “You have got to make this pot perfectly. You get one chance.”

The another side of the class was told, “You get to make a pot, but you get to fail as many times as you want. You don’t have to make a perfect pot. You just make a pot.”

At the end of the process, the side that got to fail was the side that had the most perfect pots. We think we’ve got to do everything at once to succeed. We don’t have to. Failure is so beneficial as long as you don’t allow it to overwhelm you.

Think back on some of your failures and gain confidence. Let it boost you because you’re not doing that anymore, you’re not living that way anymore and you’re not repeating that anymore. But if you had not failed you would not know what to avoid and what to pursue.

4. Your Abilities

What are your abilities? What are your skills, things that you’ve been trained to do?

Keep an “I’m good at” list. This will be a constantly remind of what you can do when you feel like nothing is going right.

5. Talent

I look at this a little bit different than abilities because an ability is something we’re all going to have to be trained to do whereas a talent seems to come naturally.

What are your talents? What has come naturally to you all your life? Has speaking been natural? Has drawing been natural? Being humorous? Being serious? Being contemplative? T

Remember those in times where you feel insecure or you feel overwhelmed. Replay some of your talents and say, “I’ve got that within me.” It’s something that doesn’t come and go, it’s there all the time.

6. See People as Individuals

Often in business we see groups. Groups like…
• Email list.
• JV Partners
• Affiliates
• Prospects
• Customers

But do you know any of them personally? If not, you need to. A face and name gives you confidence. It’s someone you can call and trust for that product review.

7. Spousal or Family Support

I am blessed to have a wife who thinks all my crazy dreams will work. It can be good to have someone on your team not based in “reality.”

Who do you have on your team that thinks you’re great? Who is supremely biased? On the days when you feel down or less than motivated, let this group do what they do best – believe in you.

8. Constructive Feedback

Although I am 100% against unsolicited feedback from parasites, I do like having a group of trusted advisors. These are people who will be unconditionally honest. They are opposite of the biased group, but in a good way.

Friends and peers who give constructive feedback boost your confidence by showing you what’s right, and helping you improve what’s wrong.

9. Conversational

I accuse one of my friends of speaking clinic-ease. He uses wording and sentence structure for products and emails that he would NEVER use in day to day conversation.

Using your natural conversation, on the other hand, let’s you connect and build stronger rapport.

By being conversational, rather than professional, you gain friends instead of colleagues. You will also feel more comfortable in discussion, which will lead to more confidence.

10. Think of Who You Love Most

Love is a powerful emotion. In fact there’s a passage in the Bible that says, “Perfect love casts out all fear.” Fear is the opposite of confidence. If you will think about the person that you love, you will realize that there is someone that accepts you based on nothing else but you. And when you get to that level of acceptance, rejection by other people is not nearly as critical.

Author's Bio: 

Paul Evans is an author, professional speaker and entrepreneur. He has 5 thriving online businesses and 4 thriving offline businesses. Paul has coached thousands in the areas of confidence and personal achievement.