10 Keys to Manifesting Everything You Desire
by Sharon Ellis - some extracts from ‘The Moses Code’ by James F. Twyman

* 1. Be clear * 6. Be expectant
* 2. Be open * 7. Be energetic
* 3. Be willing * 8. Be positive
* 4. Be happy * 9. Be true
* 5. Be focused * 10. Be grateful.

There are many keys to assist you to manifest everything you choose to attract into your life and these are the most important ones.
You will notice that each one starts with the word Be. This is because they are focused less on what you do and more on just Being.
“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Gandhi
Have you ever met people who said all the right things, but when you were with them, something didn’t feel quite right? It’s as if there’s a radar detector within us that feels what our mind alone can’t sense.
Then again, have you ever been with those who said very little, but you find yourself inexplicably happy and relaxed when you’re in their presence? These are the ones who have perfected the art of being, the essential ingredient to attracting everything you could ever desire.
The ten keys are guidelines only and there are others you may add as well. Read them and find ways to integrate them into your own life. Most importantly, don’t try to analyze them with your logical mind as much as live them in the ordinary moments of your life.
• Be clear.
Clarity is one of the most Important keys to manifesting what you desire. If your thoughts aren’t clearly identifiable, then the Universe – that is, God – doesn’t know how or what to give you.
Define what you desire!
Never try to create something for another person as this is considered manipulation and may impede their life’s journey.
Write a list of every detail, attribute and characteristic that defines your goal. Look at the list often and add to it. Focus on the details clearly and imagine them being complete in your mind. Always focus on the now, that is focus on already having your goal in this now moment, not on receiving it in the future. Clarity means simplicity. The simpler you make the details, the straighter the shot will be. If it’s clear to you, it will also be clear to God, and the path to achieving your desire will be unencumbered.
• Be open
Your mind works best when it’s open. It’s hard to argue with that logic. A closed mind is no use to anyone because it believes it already knows the path to walk and may therefore miss new opportunities when they present themselves. The ability to remain open is essential in attracting the energy required for manifesting your dreams. Being clear and open may initially seem like opposing concepts. In the first case, you were asked to clearly define exactly what you’re determined to manifest, now you’re being asked to be open to new movements – anything the Universe may send in your direction that either amplifies or clarifies the desired goal. In reality, they are supportive, one following the other. Once you have clearly defined the desired experience and have set your mind to a particular form, you then open yourself to every possible variation. It’s as if you declare to the Universe: “This or more.”
Openness and clarity go together, like two people who may be different but can’t live without each other.

• Be willing
Your willingness to observe, absorb and then release everything that comes into your consciousness will determine how easily it flows into your life. Begin by observing what you desire. Is it something that you can absorb into your heart as well as your mind? It’s important that you are able to feel the gift you’re about to receive, for your mind alone can’t contain the higher goals that you truly desire. Does your desire genuinely inspire your heart?... You’re capable of absorbing so much, so go for it!
Are you able to release or surrender the goal, then trust that it will flow to you naturally and easily? If not, you may find yourself forcing what was never intended to be yours. Resist the urge for your ego to lead the way, and allow God to give you everything that already belongs to you.

• Be happy
This is a key that can’t be overstated
God’s will for you is perfect joy. This means there’s a degree of happiness that neither the world nor the ego can understand but your heart is constantly striving to achieve. This is what you truly desire, for it’s the joy that bridges Heaven and Earth. By accepting this, you also become a symbol to others who are as worthy of this gift as you are. The more you realize that you deserve perfect joy and accept it, you become the kind of teacher the world needs most. Your soul doesn’t seek what pumps up your feelings of self worth. It’s happy only when you give this gift to others – then your self-worth is expanded in ways that the mind can never comprehend.

• Be focused
Stay focused on what’s behind the goal rather than on the goal itself. Ask yourself, Why am I seeking this gift in the first place? What’s the motivating desire that I’m not looking at? Focus on your desire and then ask yourself where is it coming from. Once you have discovered your answer, focus on what lies deeper in your heart. This will allow for the perfect outcome. It may not be the first one you envisioned but you will be satisfied with it because you tuned in to your inner self and fulfilled the deeper desire of your soul. Trust that your heart knows more than your mind when it comes to these things, and let the more gentle focus guide your path.

• Be expectant
Always expect the best!!! Affirm that everything you desire will come to you with ease, grace and balance. Remember that energy flows where the attention goes. If you are focused on creating something but your inner thoughts are fixed on failure, that’s what you’ll attract. Become aware of your deeper thoughts and impulses. And if needed, extend some love in their direction. Focusing love usually means that you’re open, understanding and uncritical. You’ll discover that that you’ll be able to soothe your doubts better with love than with criticism. Negative attention only serves to re-enforce the patterns that created the block, whereas loving-kindness dissolves everything in its path.
We’ve all heard the saying “ Expect a miracle.” This is very good advice, because what you truly expect will always be yours. One of the most crucial lessons to learn in the art of attraction is : “God always gives you what you ask for”

• Be energetic
The higher the impulse, the more energetic the response. In other words, your energy usually increases when you ask for what your soul really wants. Being energetic is also contagious. If you’re speaking to friends and are describing something that you’re manifesting into your life but they don’t feel the passion behind your focus, then they won’t be able to help you by adding more energy. However, if they feel inspired by your vision, two things will probably happen. First, they’ll fuel your enthusiasm by adding more energy to yours. Second, they’ll be positively influenced by your energy and will go out and create something for themselves – something that inspires their life. The key is to follow your heart, not your mind. The heart is always a better barometer of what Heaven is choosing to add to your life.

• Be positive
This key is an absolute.
If you’re negative about what you’re desiring to attract, the Universe will interpret your negativity as not wanting, and you won‘t achieve your goal. Sometimes this energy can be difficult to distinguish. It hides in your consciousness and evades the obvious movements of your rational mind. That’s because the blocks to your positivity are often non-rational even though they wear the clothes of the most optimistic person you’ve ever met. Remember that every thought or goal has a sponsoring thought and there are also sponsoring thoughts to your sponsoring thoughts. The key isn’t to overcomplicate the issue and believe that you must unearth layer after layer of beliefs that have ruled your life. Sometimes these negative beliefs just require your acknowledgment of them and them they move on their way. As long as you are conscious of them, they can be addressed quickly and effectively allowing you to move on to the next step.

• Be true
This key follows from where the last one left off. Being true is the same as being honest – sometimes that is required if you want to successfully manifest your heart’s desire. Remember that the Universe always seeks to give you what you want. Being true means being true to yourself, and this is a gift that no one person can give you but ……guess who?
You have to be honest with yourself. There’s no substitute for this, and no one can be honest for you. You can practice all the keys to manifestation that you’re being offered here, but if you’re not willing to be true, you’ll only succeed in attracting what doesn’t serve your highest good. Notice that I didn’t say you’d be bound to fail because failure is impossible. The question to ask yourself is: How do I succeed in attracting what my soul wants? The answer is to always do the work that is required to sweep away the limiting beliefs that have been blocking you. Then everything you truly want will flow naturally in your direction, all because you were honest with yourself and willing to look closely at the hidden desires that you weren’t able to see before.

• Be grateful
Gratitude is perhaps the most important key to attracting everything you deserve. It’s the activating force that God can’t deny and the Universe bows to a heart filled with Divine appreciation. You are no different. When someone is grateful for a gift you’ve offered it makes you want to give even more.
The Universe works in a similar way, so be grateful for every gift from God, no matter how big or small. God doesn’t differentiate the difference between small gifts and large ones – they’re all the same because they come from the same heart. In addition, be grateful for your failures as well as your successes. We tend to learn more from the ways we don’t succeed than we do from success itself. Once the experience has been recognized for what it is, you can move forward and avoid experiencing the same issue again, all because you were grateful in a way that completely transcends logic.

Next publication will focus on the 10 blocks to manifesting everything you desire.
If you choose to work on limiting beliefs that have been blocking you then contact Sharon Ellis: www.essence-of-wisdom.com

Happy manifesting!!

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