Ø Our beliefs contribute to the overall frequency of our being.
A belief is a thought we think more than once. The more we think a thought, the more energy is being accumulated, which transforms the thought into a belief. And this energy is reinforced by the attraction of thoughts of a similar nature. The combined energy of our beliefs produces a unique electromagnetic frequency that is an integral part of our being.
Ø Beliefs become attitudes and truths by which we lead our lives.
Some of our beliefs accumulate so much energy that in time they become 'attitudes.' An attitude's energy will govern our thinking processes and behaviour – it will determine what is possible for us. Eventually, with a great deal of energy invested in a belief, the belief moves past being an attitude and becomes a ‘Truth’. Truths are beliefs that we do not question as to their validity. The more vehemently we express our opinion, the more we reveal the intensity of energy behind the belief.
Ø A belief is neither good nor bad ~ it is a neutral construct.
We can identify our beliefs as ‘positive’ or ‘negative’, but only in the sense that a positive belief is one that allows for the expression of our Self; whereas a negative belief restricts our expression of Self. Negative beliefs tend to be associated with fear, whereas positive beliefs engender excitement and creativity.
Ø Core beliefs we hold can be invisible to us.
A core belief will have attained enough energy to become at least an attitude, if not a truth for us. It has enough strength to so focus our perception that we perceive from the physical world only those events that correlate with it. The belief can reach into the most intimate areas of our lives and no evidence will be forthcoming to disprove it because we will only be able to perceive that which confirms it. Thus, it becomes invisible to us.
Ø Our beliefs create the physical reality that we perceive.
Our beliefs can be regarded as the blueprint by which we create our reality. They are an integral element of the design of this physical dimension we operate within. Our beliefs continuously influence our perception of the world and our perception of the world is an action of interpretation of our reality.
Ø Changing our beliefs will change our reality.
The reality we experience is the product of our beliefs. It is a reflection of what we expect to perceive in accordance with our beliefs. There is no reality then, except what we define it to be through our beliefs. Thus, by changing our beliefs, we change our reality. By ‘changing’ we mean reassigning the energy behind the beliefs we are currently utilising.
Ø We incorporate ALL beliefs but utilise relatively few.
In changing our beliefs, we are actually reassigning energy from one belief to another. The beliefs themselves do not change. ALL beliefs are available to us, so we can choose, consciously, which beliefs we prefer to assign energy to. Beliefs are not our enemy – realise that from a broader perspective they are the way in which we express yourself and can be consciously chosen from moment to moment.
Ø Acceptance of beliefs nullifies their power.
Accept beliefs for what they are – a vast bank of concepts that we can move energy between as and when we choose. In order to accept beliefs, a suspension of judgement of them is required – remember that they are neither bad nor good, they are themselves neutral.
Ø We can learn to use our beliefs more efficiently.
Recognise that we always have the power to re-assign energy to our beliefs of preference. Preferences are merely preferred expressed beliefs. We can prefer one belief from another knowing that this is not an absolute judgement of the belief itself. Do not apportion blame to someone who gave you a 'problematic' belief – this act engenders a judgement of the belief as well as the person involved. We must suspend judgement in order to accept the offending belief, and thus nullify its power.
Ø We are what we believe ourselves to be.
Our perceptions follow that which we believe. Get in touch with your beliefs. When we begin to identify our beliefs, we begin to recognise what we are creating and how we are creating it. Every belief incorporates many influences – recognising how it is influencing us can bring about the choice of how we would prefer it to influence us - if at all. Addressing the beliefs that hold us, those 'negative' attitudes and core beliefs, leads to a freer expression of our Self. It is of supreme importance that we recognise the existence of joyful beliefs. Cultivate a positive, joyful and creative belief system that employs the emotion of excitement in its building of your reality.

The above information is attributed to various metaphysical literature sources - The Seth Material; Elias Transcripts; Abraham-Hicks transcripts; Bashar through Darryl Anka; and Omni through John L Payne. Some sentences are verbatim, most are slightly reworded for the sake of brevity.
Chris Johnson MSc. CounsellingforyourSelf.co.uk 2008

Author's Bio: 

Chris Johnson is likely to be the leading authority in the UK on the teachings of so-called 'channelled' information sources in regard to health, well-being, and the ‘spiritual’ or non-physical nature of our being. He has spent over 20 years comprehensively studying metaphysical literature such as The Seth Material; The Elias Transcripts; the Abraham-Hicks archives; Omni through John L Payne; and Bashar through Darryl Anka. His more academic acquisition of knowledge on the nature of the psyche took place between 1994 and 1998, attaining a Batchelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of London and a Masters Degree from the University of Surrey.

In 2001 Chris began a therapeutic practice named Counselling for your Self that aimed to blend his conventional and not so conventional education. His primary methods of intervention for individuals experiencing ill-health come from the burgeoning fields of Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine. More recently, he has been trained by Dr. Brian Weiss in the practice of ‘Past Life Regression Therapy’ (PLRT) ~ a process that that can be both therapeutic and Self exploratory. Energy Psychology/Medicine is favoured as such methodologies provide leading edge medicinal science, addressing the bioelectromagnetic system of the body and the cognitive system of the mind at the same time. PLRT, apart from being therapeutic in its own right, provides a way of accessing the subconscious realm and its breadth of knowledge of the ‘Whole’ or ‘Essence Self’ described in metaphysical writings ~ thus bringing greater Self awareness.