Infidelity can sneak up on even the most solid partnerships. 

According to an infidelity poll conducted by of 6,330 women, 92% believe that emotional affairs lead to physical affairs, whereas only a mere 7% believe they do not.

With the increase in technology, cheating has become more prevalent. 

However, following the below top 10 infidelity-proof tips will increase your chances of having a long-lasting, healthy, monogamous relationship.

1.  Don’t Drink or Use Drugs Around the Opposite Sex

Drinking alcohol or using drugs with the opposite sex is one of the quickest ways that lead to infidelity because it lowers your inhibitions.  Even having a cocktail at a business lunch can lead to more intimate conversations and inappropriate behavior

2.  Develop common interests and hobbies.

If you and your partner are always spending time apart doing the activities you enjoy separately, there is a higher chance one of you may meet someone who enjoys doing the same activities you do.  Couples that “play” together, are more likely to stay together.

3.  Exercise and eat right.

Don't let yourself go physically.  Exercise and eat well not only for yourself, but for your partner.  If you quit trying just because you have become comfortable, your partner will resent you for being lazy and may become attracted to someone who values their self worth more.

4.  Don’t plan meetings alone with the opposite sex.

Now I know it’s not possible to always have meetings in groups.  However, if you know you are attracted to an acquaintance, try to plan your meetings in groups because this helps lower the intimacy factor.

5.  Put yourself in your partner’s shoes.  If you would be uncomfortable with your partner doing something that you are doing or are considering doing, don’t do it.  Respect your partner enough to always consider their feelings.

6.  Travel together whenever possible. 

The old saying "when the cat's away, the mouse will play" rings very true.  Don't put yourself in situations where you are more likely to cheat such as going on solo vacations or going to a restaurant or bar alone. 

If you are traveling for business and your partner is unable to join you, phone them daily to stay in touch.

7.  Don’t Mix Business and Pleasure. 

The office is meant for business, not gossip or intimate details.  Don’t flirt, touch or wear revealing clothing to your workplace.  Keep it professional.

8.  Stay sexually creative. 

It takes effort to keep the fire lit in the bedroom after you've been together for a while.  Be adventurous and think outside the box.  As long as you are both comfortable with it, there's no harm done.  Couples who have a happy sex life are much less likely to cheat.

9.  Don’t share too many personal details with the opposite sex. 

Intimate details should be for your partner.  Many times emotional infidelity leads to physical infidelity.  If a conversation is becoming too intimate for you, simply redirect the conversation to include your partner or politely direct the person towards professional help.

10.  Put positive effort into your relationship daily. 

It doesn't matter if you give your partner an extra hug or put the dishes away, the fact that you are doing something small to show you care on a regular basis can make all the difference and may prevent your partner from seeking attention elsewhere.

If you are considering cheating, respect your partner enough to end the relationship for the sake of their emotional and sexual health.  Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.

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