Have you ever wondered, as a consumer, how to RECEIVE the best Aura Readings?

Today's article can also help you to GIVE the best Aura Readings to yourself and others

1. Decide in advance what you want to learn.

You're the world's expert on your life. Of all the people in the Universe, you know most about what you need to know now.

Adding your own perspective can make all the difference between a really helpful Aura Reading and one that leaves you dissatisfied. Are you curious about career, your love life, personal growth, what?

You don't know the answers, or all the answers, necessarily. Aura Reading can bring you answers that are accurate, inspiring, practical, unexpected. First, though, if you are smart you will decide which questions to ask in the first place.

2. Go to the right kind of Aura Reader for the questions you have.

Each person has a unique Gift Set. An Aura Reading will flow from those gifts.

With me, for instance, Rose Rosetree's specialties are Emotional and Spiritual Healing.

Often I'll have clients who have never read anything, here or at my website, about what I do. At the word "Aura Reading" they are off and running, expecting me to tell them all about their health, make predictions, etc.

Assuming that "Aura Reading means knowing everything" makes about as much sense as assuming that all engineers are alike. Actually, if you want to build a road, you want a civil engineer, not an electrical engineer or one who designs airplanes.

Why are there specialties among engineers or physicians or writers or music or other professions? Is it just to seem stuck up?

No, having specialties works to your benefit as a consumer. At least it can!

3. Position your questions in the now, not the future.

Unless the Aura Reader specializes in predictions, don't ask for them. Reading the future well is not a common gift. Every choice you make can change your future.

When is the moment of power for you? It is now, not later.

What if you feel a burning need to know about your future?

Then a good question to ask yourself is, "What is going on in my life RIGHT NOW that makes me feel such a burning need to know about my future?"

4. Keep your power. Don't give it away just because you're having an Aura Reading.

Many newbies to Aura Reading assume that, "of course," the "almighty" Aura Reader will tell you what you are supposed to do, the purpose of your life, and what is going to happen to you.

A popular variation on the "almighty reader" version of Aura Reading is this idea: The aura reader has a guide or angel who serves as the "almighty, omniscient" authority who likewise knows what is "most important for you to know."

Astral beings, like guides, can know a lot. But if they knew everything, they would be God.

Doing Aura Reading, I prefer to go straight to the Source level, taking as a premise that the client's wisdom and desires are an important part of our collaborative Aura Reading.

Therefore, I take the role of facilitator, modeling how to co-create with God. It's important to engage my clients in actively participating. The goal is to build the client's empowerment and pay attention to the client's own priorities in life.

5. If you're willing to notice where you are stuck, you'll gain more from an Aura Reading.

Back at common assumptions about Aura Reading, think about this one:

If there are any problems, supposedly, the "almighty" aura reader will know which problem -- out of all the problems you have -- matters most.

Does this really make sense? Personally, I like to distinguish between a session of Aura Healing and Transformation, that changes big problems, in contrast to an informational Aura Reading, such as the one being offered in our Aura Reading Contest at my blog, www.rose-rosetree.com/blog.

6. Invite the Aura Reading to bring insights about your human life.

As you may know from reading this blog or the books mentioned in the Links section, below, your aura contains chakras, places where the information is most concentrated. And every one of those main chakras contains 50 different databanks of information.

So, yes, there is loads of information about your emotions, your power, your communication, your confidence, your learning, your connection to reality, etc.

Auras are not just about the realm of the spiritual. Auras are about the realm of the true.

Therefore, Aura Readings can bring insight that you just can't get in other ways. What a waste to only ask questions about, "My destiny, my guides, my purpose."

7. Ask specific, open-ended questions.

Depending on what you most want to know, your Aura Reading can help you gain insights and solve problems. But there are a zillion possible ways to bring insight to you. Only you know what really matters to you:

* Why do I find it so hard right now, talking to my lover?
* How can I communicate more effectively?
* What is a gift of my soul for public speaking?

8. Remember that an Aura Reading is not the same thing as an Aura Healing.

Maybe you're good at reading recipes in cookbooks, then tasting them inwardly. Maybe you can read music and hear it in your head. Maybe you can look at a map and understand perfectly how to reach your destination.

Reading skills like these are wonderful. But they won't:

* Bring you a single bite of chocolate chip cookie
* Broadcast toe-tapping music that other people can hear.
* Or physically transport you to your destination

Just because the topic is Aura Reading doesn't mean all the usual laws of nature on Earth are suspended.

9. Please, please, please, stop worrying about what you are "supposed" to do. Aura Reading does not have to be about that.

The more stuck a person is, the greater the need to find out, "What am I supposed to do?" If that's your situation now, I have good news for you. Aura Reading can help you to improve your life. And Aura Healing can help you even more.

To do Aura Healing, the practitioner needs to be able to do Aura Reading plus have skill sets like 12 Steps to Cut Cords of Attachment(R) and Spiritual Cleansing and Protection.

Even a good Aura Reading can help somewhat, provided you understand one thing: Your need to learn the "supposed to" is directly proportional to your need to step into your life and make it work for you, rather than waiting for fate to hand you life's goodies.

Look, it's hard being stuck. It's no fun. Aura Healing can help you to get un-stuck by permanently removing STUFF from your aura.

Recently I had a new client, "Dorothy," who began by asking me to tell her the purpose of her life. During her session, I facilitated Aura Healing by cutting one cord of attachment. Dorothy was annoyed that I asked her to "do so much work"
because I asked her to name one relationship that was especially tough for her right now.

When Dorothy came back for her next phoner session, she felt grumpy but better. By now she has had five sessions. With each one she is stronger, more empowered, able to enjoy her life more.
And guess what? Dorothy is less fatalistic. She has stopped worrying about "meant to be" and is taking more responsibility for improving her life.

From my perspective, faith is a beautiful thing. But "supposed to" is the realm of the powerless.

10. Ask follow-up questions.

Your ability to ask those questions helps an Aura Reading to be most useful for you. If something doesn't make sense, or if it does, many questions may come to mind. Well, ask them.

Don't expect Aura Reading to be Mind Reading.

What if something said in your Aura Reading puzzles you, annoys you, or fascinates you? Interact with the Aura Reader. That's where a lot of the fun will be, as well as the biggest help for you.

Remember, auras are like huge databanks of information in a computer. There is way more information than any one Aura Reader can pull out for you during a one-hour session. You are the one who knows what interests you. So you are the one who will generate the best follow-up questions.

As I wrote in my how-to book Let Today Be a Holiday, "Never be ashamed to make an ask of yourself."

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ose Rosetree is the founder of Energy Spirituality, offering aura readings that include Cutting Cords of Attachment , Aura Transformation, and Regression Therapy .

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