There are hundreds of ways to market yourself and your company that don’t cost hundreds of dollars. As a Business Owner of ON Demand Virtual Services and Lead Virtual Assistant I know how hard it is to stay ahead of the Marketing Game! In such a competitive marketplace it is imperative that we all have a strong consistent marketing plan. I know what you are saying, who has the time or money to start more marketing strategies? Well, guess what it doesn’t have to be time consuming or bank breaking!

I have put together a list of low cost or free web marketing tools you can use right away to increase your web presence, get better search engine rankings and drive quality leads to your website.

1. Your email signature line: If you think about how many people you email-existing customers, vendors & new customers; you will be amazed at the marketing potential. You can add a simple link or if you’re using and html email editor, you can add a banner ad (a simple search for “html coding” can give you free information on how to create the code).

2. Create your Own Blog: If you are avoiding this marketing strategy than you are loosing potential customers & website traffic. A simple paragraph a week with pertinent industry information and links to your website can turn a visitor into a hot lead. While you can outsource this task you can also easily maintain this task yourself. Here are some free blog hosts: - Free to set up & customize. - Free program to download & install on your web server.
Moveable Type - Free & paid subscriptions available.
Live Journal - Free to set up & customize w/ an upgrade available.
My Space – Free to set up & customize (You should set this up in addition to a blog.)

3. Blogging on Other Blogs: A very simple way to market your website is to visit other blogs within your industry and submit comments to their blog entries. To bring traffic to your website you will need to leave intelligent comments that will draw in your potential clients and a link to your website or blog. For example: If the subject is low cost marketing, I would mention that I have put to use an Article Submission plan and it has brought me tons of business. I now offer my clients this service and you can find out more about it at

4. Although some will argue that use of this website will bring you some spam, it is worth it to increase your web presence for free. The ads in come up when searching for the keywords in the ad and drive traffic to your website. To limit the spam you receive, do not put your email address; just put your website address. The career spammers are less likely to go to your website to find your email address.

5. Article Submission: Another free way to increase your web presence and your search engine rankings is to submit articles to article submission sites or directories. Your articles are put out there for thousands of customers, publishers and editors to view and may be selected for media publishing and that is the most cost-effective marketing there is!

6. Link Submission: With the same premise as article submission this will increase your web presence and search engine ranking.

7. EBooks: If you are a consultant with only services to sell this will allow you to get away from selling time. Imagine sleeping and making money! If you have a proven method or information that can help your customer why not write it down and sell it. There is tons of free information on how to go about this process.

8. Offer something for Free: Want to increase site traffic or your contact list, offer a free product. You can offer a mini eBook, a coupon or a list of free sites/links that will help your client. If you keep a list or free article or eBook on your site chances are customers will come back to it and will provide more traffic to your site and in turn increase your search engine rankings.

9. Newsletters/Auto Responders: Depending on the level of design and advertising copy you can maintain these services yourself with little to no cost. Constant Contact and iContact have made these tasks easier, although they are becoming so popular that the spam blockers see these emails as spam and automatically block them. If you do not have a list yet I would start by sending simple emails with tips and tricks of your industry and start building. Add a newsletter sign up page to your website and a link to your email signature. Once you have a large list, you can use a database manager with reporting features to send out your emails to a larger database. Outsourcing this task is a great idea, but make sure you start out small and build your list before you hire a separate company to maintain this task for you. Auto Responders can help you give e-courses, mini eBooks and other free information to your customers without having to send it each time an order is placed.

10. Market to Your Inactive Clients: You worked with John Doe six months ago and you haven’t heard from him since completion of your last project. Give John Doe a reason to use your services again. Offer them a “Gold Client Discount” or a “Customer Appreciation Sale” in an e-mail or even better with a friendly phone call.

Bonus Tip: Do you have a product? Create a separate splash page that is dedicated to that product and market it separately. Each one of your products should have special attention and separate marketing plans. Yahoo!, Google & Microsoft have website building programs that will allow you to build a splash page for free!

All of these tips can be done & maintained by you or your staff. ON Demand Services has used all these tactics and more and can help you to implement them. Go to today to learn more.

Author's Bio: 

I am a seasoned Virtual Assistant, Administrative Expert and Professional Organizer with an extensive Marketing background. Using over nine years of experience with Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Corporations, I provide a variety of companies with Administrative & Marketing assistance; including Corporate Consultants, Accountants, Event Planners, Marketing Firms, Real Estate Investors, Realty Agents, Speakers, Trainers/Coaches, Authors, IT Professionals, Non-Profit Organizations, Insurance Organization Providers and many more.

On Demand Virtual Services is an extension of your company and we use extreme Professionalism and organizational skills to help you reduce stress and meet deadlines. We have a track record of increasing productivity for our clients, through smart affordable marketing plans, thorough and organized administrative procedures and keen attention to customer service. Going virtual with On Demand Virtual Services will allow you to take hold of your office again and focus your attention on the more important aspects of growing your business.

My understanding of a business owner’s struggle, allows me to be a successful facilitator for communicating client requirements. In such a crazy market place, professionalism and communication are key characteristics to providing sanity in your office.

Within, On Demand Virtual Services, I implement effective solutions to allow you to focus on running your business and serve your clients more efficiently. Whether you are looking for simple email management or comprehensive web marketing, we can provide you with quality, affordable assistance.