Work from home mothers are some of the top coaches around. Yes, I said “the top coaches” around. Below are just 10 reasons why:

1. You have great motivation to change the world (and gain an extra income stream while you are at it).

2. You have amazing life experience. Until you have raised a child you do not really understand what it means to really live (and work).

3. You have compassion.

4. You understand and have witnessed what it means to see the world through the eyes of a child and the benefits that come from that.

5. You understand and believe that miracles happen.

6. You know what its like to have a lot going on and still be able to manage changing your life and pursuing your passion.

7. You have a wisdom gained from years of listening to and advising on the lives of others.

8. You know how to appreciate the little things and the big difference this can make in life.

9. You have a huge support network standing behind you (and clinging to your leg, and resting on your hip…)

10. You have the support of CANA and Mackenzie who are both determined to see you flourish.

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