Do you ever find that your mind is so cluttered that you just can’t think straight? Many of us have nearly overwhelming schedules, causing us to constantly live in chaos.

When this comes up in with my clients, I welcome the opportunity to help people through the issue. Here are some tips to regaining your center, and chasing away the thoughts that cause your life to be chaos:

1. Get clear on what you want, and create an action plan. Disallow anything in your day that does not lead you to your desired end. This means eliminating watching television, doing busy work for the sake of feeling like you’re working, and anything else that stops you from making the progress you want to make toward your goal.

2. Understand that timing is always perfect. Be patient with where you are, and don’t let this moment be spent dreaming of future or past moments.

3. Don’t vacillate over what is not getting done. All you can do is honestly evaluate the way you are spending your time by re-prioritizing each day. Don’t get caught up in doing things that don’t really need doing just because it ended up on your to-do list.

4. Once each week, write down the progress you’ve made in order to reach your dreams. This helps you keep the image of your dream alive, and catches the missteps you might be making.

5. Don’t worry about being overwhelmed. You are playing with the cards you are dealt, and your life is built on fluid change. If you don’t like having too much to do, just know that it will pass. Many people are never happy – they either have too much or too little to do. Be happy that you have a productive life, rather than worried you won’t get it all done.

6. Delegate. Delegate. Did you hear me? Delegate and/or outsource every feasible thing that you can. There is more than one way to get the same thing done. Hire talented people to do what needs doing and let go of the thought that they won’t do it like you would.

7. Have fun. No matter what you’re up to, you must have some fun. Be committed to it.

8. Surround yourself with do-ers. Don’t allow slackers to infiltrate your life. Jim Rohn says we are most like the 5 closest people to us in our life. Be intentional about who you hang out with.

9. Pray. Worry is faithlessness. The two cannot coexist.

10. Believe that you have endless resources within you – and outside of you, and don’t allow hopelessness into your thinking.

Your work is important – the world is counting on you to keep it together. Who would you be without the thought that life is overwhelming?

Coach Charrise

Author's Bio: 

Charrise McCrorey is a powerful facilitator of transformation. She transforms lives and businesses every day and makes it her business to do so in the most generous, respectful and extraordinary way. As one client put it: “Charrise is gifted, lovely, amazing, spirited, and giving”. And he isn’t alone! Clients all over the world are better off today for having known and worked with her.

Charrise is a sought-after transformational coach, speaker, trainer, facilitator and author. She powerfully and effectively helps her clients to expand to their fullest capabilities in their businesses and their lives.

She has racked up an incredible 28 years in the world of business, from receptionist for a construction company to General Sales Manager in the Advertising industry, serving in marketing, operations and various executive management roles in between.

She has learned first-hand the value of diversity in people and cultures, including how they think and operate differently inside numerous roles in business. She has learned the value of building sustainable relationships, spanning over several years. And most importantly, she learned the significance of being happy in her work.

She has learned what all people have in common. We all have a tendency to get in our own way when we most need to move forward. We hide from our own true power. We benefit by replacing our fear with love and action. This has brought her to create her ground-breaking coaching program: FULL OUT AND FEARLESS, where Charrise leads people out of the world of mediocrity and into the world of possibility. In the words of one FULL OUT AND FEARLESS client: “The program is like no other program I had been in. It was and still is all about me and what I want and how to get it. There is no script. No bullet point presentation. Full Out & Fearless has helped me evolve into a person of brutal honesty, dealing with only the truth.”

“My work as a business and personal coach exposes me to many people who are seeking a different kind of life” says Charrise. “During our transformational work together, we discover what stops them from having the kind of life they want. Each and every time, the answer relates back to some kind of fear… There is hope.”

Charrise has experienced corporate burnout first hand. It nearly killed her once when the stress of her career made her very ill. She learned the hard way how stress affects health, and how sneaky it can be. As a result, she lost her job. A few weeks later her husband was diagnosed with Melanoma. Strike one, two, and a matter of about 6 weeks. Enough to cause anyone to drop full-time into fear.

Instead, these powerful experiences led Charrise to discover her gift and love for coaching. Her husband is now cancer free. And she is filled with gratitude for the experiences that have led her to her service as a coach.

She received her professional business coach certification through, and has since served literally hundreds of people, and consistently facilitated in the transformation of businesses, families, relationships and lives.

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