Bloating is a universal issue... It's as universal as eating. Curiously, it seems to be a on the rise. It's currently a major topic of concern amongst our readers and online bloating pages are seeing waves and waves of new traffic...

According to recent medical stats, bloating is one of the most bothersome complaints in patients with functional gut disorders. On a day-to-day basis, it is the number one most common digestive complaint for which these patients seek help; followed by indigestion, heartburn and constipation.

Nothing says you have to endure bloating and suffer all the discomfort and potential embarrassment associated with it. Not when it could wreck a meal, spoil an evening and, in extreme cases, force you to cancel plans (unless of course you're willing to wear a tent).

In this article we list some immediate bloating fixes that could help you in the short term. The remedies listed here will quickly help you achieve a flat tummy for the summer. However, if your problem persists, we urge you to look seriously into it and find the right resources to help you deal with the problem in the long term.

Below are our top tips for quick and easy bloating relief, just in time to start wearing your swimsuit:

1- Avoid dairy products: whether you're lactose intolerant or not, abstaining from dairy products for a week or 10 days is the first step towards achieving the flat stomach that will make you look trim and confident in your swimsuit this summer.

2- Cut down on the gluten: if you're into bread and pastries, this will immediately show results on your silhouette. You might not be able to sustain this one for a long time but it's guaranteed that you will see the difference if you do.

3- Avoid carbonated drinks: the fizz in the drink is fizz in your stomach! A no-brainer really, especially when most of us can do without them.

4- Reduce your salt intake: look for that invisible salt! It's everywhere from processed and canned food to cereals.

5- Drink lots of water: Sounds weird? Keeping yourself hydrated boosts overall body functioning. Avoid drinking while eating though.

6- Avoid beans, pulses and corn as well as vegetables in the cabbage and onion families.

7- Don't eat and talk at the same time. Remember what your mother said? She was right on this one.

8- Don't eat while stressed, rushed or on the go. You'll inhale more air, which will certainly bloat you later.

9- Avoid fruits after meals

10- Be aware of the foods you're eating together. Proper food combining can make all the different between a flat and healthy stomach and a bloated and sluggish one.

11- Indulge in one of the many anti-bloating teas. Peppermint, cumin, turmeric and orange blossom are all very effective.

Here's to your healthy and flat tummy!

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