I think you will be agreeing with me when I say:

Poor Oral Hygiene can lead to other diseases like cardiovascular, gingivitis, bacterial infection, gum diseases, Plaque, Tooth loss, etc.

Most of us like to brush our teeth in the morning and many people have a habit to do the same in the night. But this practice is not particularly essential for maintaining a healthy mouth.
Even there can be some bad habits which you are performing on a regular basis, some of which you suppose they are favorable.

In order to get the cleanest mouth around, there is a need to stop performing those bad habits.

At the same brushing habit which is a very important part of our daily routine can turn out to be a habit which can damage your gums and teeth.
Below are the 11 Everyday Brushing habits that might cause damage to the gums and teeth. The ultimate guide for you to Unfollow 11 habits and improves your oral health to save your gums and teeth.

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