We, new entrepreneurs, are in luck. We are living in the best time to create more profitable, independent, and successful businesses. We no longer have to depend on large companies to create lucrative businesses and succeed in life.

At Wisdom Depot, you can find many business ideas and market niches that can generate significant profits without having to save a lot before taking the first steps.

You just need to focus on something that you like to do and that can offer you long-term returns. Work hard for it and connect with the right people.

These 11 startup ideas will give you what you need so that the beginning is not as hard as you imagine and you have the inspiration that you lack.

11 freelance business ideas for entrepreneurs

1. Consulting and training

One of the most profitable and independent businesses that has the best real profitability is consultancies or training on certain topics.

You have to find an interested audience and offer them what they need. For this, you need to do a market study in which you show what are some of the solutions you offer.

If you are interested in this option, this article will surely be very useful in which we tell you how to do a market study.

When I worked as a small business consultant, all I had to do was create training materials to present to the client and activities to help them become familiar with the concept.

You can make presentations at company offices or sell your services online to individuals or professionals who want to train in that specific field.

2. Expert in online marketing

Online marketing is all the rage. Everything that wants to be known, has to have a real presence on the Internet. It is a new reality that began a few years ago and is only beginning.

With this came a new knowledge that is being implemented rapidly. You have to know how services are described, how keywords are used, or how to work with images.

Being an expert in online marketing is one of the most useful training in recent times and there is a lot of free access information on pages or virtual communities.

You can start by training yourself, knowing how this online world works, and practicing with some clients.

3. Social media manager

If you like social networks, content management, and attracting the attention of the public with your publications, this may be the perfect business for you.

Social media ranges from Facebook to Instagram. Everything will depend on what your client requests and how you make the employment contract.

Define down to the last detail. The number of daily posts, the content of each post, who will create the images, in how many groups you should share.

Remember that this is one of the best-regarded, necessary, and highest-paying remote jobs. But for this, you must generate good measurable results.

Your job will be to make people understand your client's product with small posts on social media. It will not be a long time of work, but you will need constancy.

4. Train pets

Pets also need training so that they know how to behave at home or in any public place.

Training pets is the knowledge that can be learned in schools or institutes that show the techniques that will be understood by animals.

You can offer your services at home or in a professional place where you can offer the comforts that an animal needs to trust your abilities.

But the most important thing about all this is that you manage to create a brand, give confidence, and create a company of people who take the dog out for you.

Ideally, you don't have to do the work yourself, but rather organize what you are doing so that others are your workers. It is time to earn money with others.

5. Rent tourist houses

With new collaborative rental ventures and websites, everyone can have a place to offer a short-term rental.

If you have a room at home that you do not use or that you would like to profit from on weekends, you can use Airbnb.

You always have the freedom and the option to accept people or not. You will only earn money when you are ready for it and want to do it.

6. Train at home

If sports and personalized training are your things, you can offer your particular services. Having a good place to work is essential for your clients to be comfortable.

The workouts can be sports, yoga, Pilates, or any type of dance. To advertise you only need to place posters in gyms or similar places.

Classes are usually one to two hours long. Have a warm floor surface, towels, and a music system to activate the motivation of your students.

7. Advise strategically

If you are good at creating strategies, you will also be good at advising small businesses to find the best solutions to improve the business.

You have to specialize in a specific subject and be the best at it. It can be internal communication, personnel management, content generation, social media management, promotion.

All you need to do is create a working script, scheduled meetings, and track business developments. You have to present the results!

8. Imports products from abroad

Importing products abroad is another of the businesses with which you can earn a lot of money at once and that you can start yourself.

Do a market study and analyze what type of products you can sell outside your country. You have to analyze if you are going to have a good reception abroad.

Good advice: contact a friend living abroad who can advise you on products that will sell well and do an initial test with a small number.

9. Sell ​​second-hand products

If you have second-hand products or have contacts who do not know how they can sell their objects to third parties, you can position yourself in this market niche.

You would have to do would be to take care of all the procedures. Find web pages to sell on, take photographs so that the status of the product is understood, send the object by mail.

You have to take great care of the state in which the objects are located and that the client receives the best customer service.

10. Photography for web pages

All businesses are beginning to have their web pages and, for this, they need good photographs to represent what they want to sell effectively.

Not any type of photography will work, you have to know how to properly convey the message so that the customer buys naturally.

Sales photographs are becoming more and more fashionable and companies need professionals who know how to do it. Get trained and offer your services as soon as possible.

11. Professional protection of children

Especially in big cities, it is increasingly common for there to be people who are dedicated to accompanying children to private classes or schools.

You wouldn't work as a babysitter, but you can help them with educational assignments or learn a new language. At the same time, you take care of them so that they are safe at all times.

Unfortunately, big cities are becoming more insecure and parents work too hard to take care of their children. It is your time to offer something different.

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