Netflix is the premium streaming service offered through a membership program that has over millions of active subscribers around the world. This subscription program provides its member large collection programs and entertaining content and also produce content in different languages for their regional audiences.

You can binge all types of programs on Netflix except for porn but that doesn’t mean there is no X rated content. Porn is the only genre that Netflix doesn’t accommodate however, there is something called ‘Late Night’ category. What this means is that the content is not pornographic but it does have adult and x rated films and shows that fill the void.


Netflix has made sure that certain films that may contain mature content don’t randomly show up as suggestions in your timeline. These are generally buried inside the NetFlix content library and won't be able to find unless you search for them specifically.

The mysterious Netflix algorithm makes sure that you don’t just stumble across them unless you specifically use certain keywords to unlock these. For these content specifically, type the word ‘steamy’ which provides the viewers with recommendations with a great selection of content that you might not safe for work.

The vast Netflix library has Filmed, TV Series, and even documentaries that are considered too hot to handle just using the right words.

But if, on the other hand, digging around inside Netflix’s most intimate areas just sounds like a little too much hard work for you, fear not. Here we have compiled a list of the hot movie on Netflix that are available for streaming pleasures.


Before you are enjoying these content make sure the Netflix account is not set in parental control mode or the maturity level of the content is set to ‘Adult’. It is advised to take the following necessary precautions if you have kids or youngsters in your house.

Open Netflix on the preferred device.
Click on your profile icon and then select your Account.
Find the ‘Settings’ tab and click on ‘Parental Controls’
This will prompt for ‘Netflix password’.
Type the password and create a PIN.
Restrict by Maturity Level
Select the age group according to your needs.

The restrictions set inside are set according to the MPAA and TV rating systems which are PG-13 and TV-MA. The following are options available inside Netflix age restriction setting to select the appropriate level for your home use :

‘Little Kids’ for 6 and Under, ‘Older Kids’ for 12 and Under, ‘Teens’ for 14 and Under, and ‘Adults’ for 15 and above. Just to be extra careful it is advised to ‘restrict all the titles’ irrespective of the selected age group which means that the user has to enter the correct PIN every time to stream any program.

The following are a few of the HOT MOVIES ON NETFLIX that you need to watch if you are in the mood for steamy content.


Blue Is the Warmest Colour is a romance drama film based on the 2010 graphic novel of the same name written by Julie Maroh. This 2013 French follows a French teenager discovering freedom, love, desire, and freedom after an aspiring female painter Emma enters her life.

Director: Abdellatif Kechiche

Cast: Léa Seydoux and Adèle Exarchopoulos

BLUE IS THE WARMEST COLOR is an exploration of sexuality through different periods of their life as an intimate portrait of love. The movie has explicit sex scenes between the main characters. It is a must-watch if you are looking for a well-made movie with a lot of hot and x rated content.

LOVE (2015)

Love is an erotic drama that follows an American named Murphy living in Paris. Here he enters an emotional and sexual relationship with Electra who is unstable. Unaware of the possible consequences the couple invites their good looking neighbor into their bed and everything falls apart.

Director: Gaspar Noe

Stars: Aomi Muyock, Karl Glusman, Klara Kristin

LOVE is the closest thing to porn you could find on Netflix and some consider it as one. The movie starts with a sex scene and follows the same trend till the end. This movie has scenes ranging from full nudity, threesome, explicit fellatio, and unsimulated sex.

NEWNESS (2017)

Newness is a romantic drama released in 2017 which follows the lives of two contemporary millennials in Los Angeles following the modern dating culture. The social media influenced relationship pushes the emotional and physical boundaries that envelopes both.

Director: Drake Doremus

Stars: Nicholas Hoult, Laia Costa

NEWNESS is an exploration of couples starting a new sexual relationship and that is justified with a lot of sex scenes in the movie, maybe be too much. It is one of the better hot movies on Netflix where the starting scenes itself sets the tone for what to expect.

365 DAYS (2020)
365 DAYS

365 DAYS is a Romance dramawhich followsaSicilian Mafia family member Massimo and a sales director laura. Massimo kidnaps her on an unexpected trip to Sicily for 365 days to make her fall in love with him.

Directors: Barbara Bialowas, Tomasz Mandes

Stars: Michele Morrone, Anna Maria Sieklucka,

365 DAYS is one of those polarizing movies which has the themes of kidnap and rape, especially in the Me Too era. If you can look past these elements and suffer questionable acting skills and if you are looking for erotic fun then this movie has everything you need starting from nudity, fellatio, and sex.


Below Her Mouth is the Canadian erotic romantic drama that follows two women who meet in Toronto resulting in a passionate love affair. This love story follows the affair between Dallas and Jasmine who are completely different from each other. One a heartthrob womanizing for fun and another a hopeless romantic engaged and ready to get married to the man of her dreams.

Director: April Mullen

Stars: Erika Linder, Natalie Krill, Sebastian Pigott

BELOW HER MOUTH can be considered as art or as porn as it explores sexuality, pleasures, and desire. The is filled with full-frontal female nudity, lesbian sex scenes, and numerous amounts of explicit content. This is one of the hot movies on Netflix popular among the lesbian community with lots of sexual exploration of girl-on-girl, infidelity, and a good drama worth your time.


TEENAGE COCKTAIL follows the life of Annie and Jules who feel confined by their overbearing parents and small town. Together they decide to hatch a scheme of running away from everything resulting in violent consequences due to their actions.

Director: John Carchietta

Stars: Nichole Bloom, Fabianne Therese, Pat Healy

TEENAGE COCKTAIL doesn't have any nudity in the movie irrespective of the concept of teenage girls running away to become Camgirls. The movie has lots of scenes with sexual exploration, implications of sexual activity, and few elements of homosexuality. This can be considered as the hot movie on Netflix which holds your attention just with mere explicit elements.


Blue Valentine is a romantic drama that explores the relationship of a normal married couple over years documenting their evolution through different periods. The movie depicts their love story and the eventual dissolution of their marriage years later.

Director: Derek Cianfrance

Stars: Ryan Gosling, Michelle Williams, John Doman

BLUE VALENTINE is the best hot movies on Netflix that at the center is a relationship drama. The movie has a lot of nudity, shower scenes, and sex scenes which are not that explicit considering the other movies included in the list. This is the highest-rated movie in the list and a must-watch if you are interested in a romantic drama with a few mature and sexual content.

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