ERP (enterprise resource planning) do not require any explanation. For business purpose, investment is not an option, it is very necessary. In a summary, ERP software is software that is provided in a modular fashion such as a human resource module, a financial reporting module, and so on. Customization is managed as the latest trend ERP platform depending upon the scripting language. An ERP framework prompts to address all or most of the organizations, which have new features and technologies.
Let’s see the 11 latest trends in ERP services in 2019 –
1. ERP going SaaS –
Saas is a model of the cloud, and then SaaS-based apps are stored in the cloud. These are no more expensive to utilize as well as maintain. They also demand less and easy to update. This trend differentiates between the organizations wasting dollars and save them for TCO. ERP transition has occurred to the SaaS model quickly over the last four years. New SaaS model for ERP is very flexible and beneficial. SaaS is only ERO model that proved as the latest trend in ERP.

2. IOT (internet of things) –
Everything is connected to the internet that makes possible to move data automatically into an ERP (enterprise resource planning). The whole system delivers a whole view of functionalities such as supply chain management, shipping details, and appliance performance. As it connects to the internet, some vendors cannot afford and invest money in this due to its high rate. IOT is the latest trend in ERP services in the market and internet world.

3. Mobile ERP solution –
Everyone has and use mobile. The mobile usually permits salesman and professionals to access the data. This technology is following the ERP system rapidly. Everything such as desktop and laptop is replacing with mobile that’s why it is the new trend in the ERP in 2019.

4. Hybrid ERP options –
It is obvious that the ERP system is moving to SaaS very slowly. There is no need of the organization to provide an on-premises ERP product only to go for SaaS. Some vendors use the hybrid model to deliver flexibility to an ERP without having as well as with no purchasing extra hardware. A hybrid ERP platform is the latest trend in the ERP services.

5. More competitions for behemoths –
ERP segmentation is the combination of Microsoft and Oracle. These behemoths have competition from SaaS startup within a very short time to create ERP solution on cloud.

6. Two-tiered ERP –
Two-tiered ERP is very beneficial for enterprises since it is running in different process at different places. Two-tiered ERP will match the requirements of all locations with a better cost structure. If your enterprise is large, then it is the trend that may be best for you.

7. Social ERP to become a thing –
Social media integration is becoming more and more popular in the world. The nest engaging trend in the ERP landscape is the linking or connecting the platform to the social media. The demand for social media integration is not so high with ERP.

8. Increasing focus on business intelligence ERP –
Companies are trying to make amazing predictions using ERP software for business intelligence. Apart from that, decision making has rectified if the right ERP system is in place. Increasing focus on business intelligence ERP is another latest trend in ERP.

9. Better integration architecture –
Due to the increasing need of ERP software system, the act of ERP consultants has shifted towards the amazing and better integration architecture for ERP solutions.

10. Big organization acquiring small startup –
The big organization either merging with or connection other companies are the players in the ERP market.

11. More focus on profit from ERP –
As ERP is successful in the market, organizations are blindly implementing them now. They are sensitive to the return of investment.
These 11 trends in ERP in 2019 are very useful and beneficial for organization as well as business growth. ERP software is used in various fields for work that’s why the demand of ERP software system is increasing every day. Whether it is your business project or organization project, everything needs ERP system to maintain.

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