I believe anything is possible in business. I believe that you can create gargantuan results without a whole lot of knowledge about the area in which you wish to experience success. I believe that you can turn a struggling business into a very profitable business in less than a year.

I experienced all of the above by taking full responsibility for all of my outcomes … the positive and the negative.

I’ve been talking about the Law of Attraction for over two decades. I’ve coached many who “say” they are using attraction principles, but they don’t know how to use it to their advantage.

Whatever you give your attention to now is likely what you’ll experience in your future. That’s how the Law of Attraction works at a very basic level. But that’s not really enough information to get high-octane results on a consistent basis.

Here are the nuances of getting kickass results powered by your inner game …

1. You have to truly believe that thoughts create every piece of your reality. Every client, every income increase or decrease, and every person that supports your business as a vendor, employee or contractor is a direct result of your beliefs and focus.

2. Know the essence (the qualities) of your desired outcome and make a decision that you will get it.

3. Course correct when you notice you are spending more time on your problem or lack of progress than on the desired outcome.

4. Give yourself some time to see the magical manifestations. Getting ticked off about the lack of evidence of your progress will only slow down the process.

5. Practice. Practice. You must train your brain to know that results are a direct reflection of how you think. Stop running around like a chicken with its head cut off aimlessly taking action. Course correct as many times as it takes.

6. Make space for peace and fun. Without these two things, you will be slow to see results in your business and overwhelm will consume you.

7. Take action and implement new business strategies only when you feel very sure that it is the ideal action and strategy for you.

8. Don’t worry about what other people think or if they are doing better than you. You don’t need to do all that the experts are saying in order to be a success. Mind your OWN business.

9. You have an Inner Business Expert. Listen to the voice calling out inside of you. You are being given direct guidance all the time. It’s your job to trust that information.

10. Continually focus on what you are doing well and acknowledge any progress that you are making. Focusing on progress will attract more progress. Soon there will be an avalanche of evidence that you are a positive force to reckon with!

11. If an idea falls flat or something feels hard … STOP! Regroup, connect to your inner guidance and wait for a new way of moving forward that feels like a set-up for winning with ease.

There are more nuances to using the Law of Attraction successfully in your business, but master the above and you’ll be on your way to profit-doubling fun!

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