I often hear from entrepreneurs how hard it is to sign on a new client. Actually, it’s quite simple. I am going to share 11 steps with you, but before you can take these 11 steps to signing on a new client you must be clear about WHO your Ideal Client is. This is a key pre-step. And another key pre-step is to be sure you are managing your energy to shift any doubt, fear, worry, concern or any other lower level energies that might be trying to sneak in to tell you that signing on a new client is “hard” or that “you can’t do this.” Once these pre-steps are in place, then you are ready to set up an effective system for what you have to offer, speak confidently about your heart-centered business and to create relationships with those that want to work with you – and to gain their commitment.

This process of gaining the commitment from your Ideal Client is of UTMOST importance in your business (whether you work on-line or off-line). You would be surprised just how many entrepreneurs “wing it” instead of honing a clear client attractive process. Now, with that being said, it’s also important this system is perfectly natural to you. That’s exactly why my coach’s request is to take what I am going to share with you today and then to adapt it to your business, ok?

YOU need to develop your process from the frame-work I am providing for you…

11 Simple Steps to Guide A Potential Client Into A Paying Client:

Step 1: Be clear about exactly whom your message is for and what their challenge is.

Step 2: Clearly articulate this: “I [use a power action verb] with these kind of clients who have this type of challenge.”

Step 3: Prepare your energy. Remind yourself what a JOY it is to do what you do and here is an opportunity to connect with someone to do it. Yay! How exciting to be of service to others!

Step 4: Easy scheduling of initial connection (part of operations). I like to call this a “Get-to-Know” call. This is an opportunity for you to hear more about what they are looking for and to see if the work that you do makes sense for them.

Step 5: Send out a reminder for the initial meeting.

Step 6: Prepare yourself to truly connect with this Potential Client. This is a unique opportunity to serve from your highest place and your heart, to share joyfully and be of service.

Step 7: In this first chat, discover their challenges and IF you can help them, then emphasize this with a story, “A client came to me like you. They had a similar challenge, and I implemented my services. (Give the results).”

Step 8: Present your offerings clearly with more than just one option of how they can work with you.

Step 9: ASK which option connects with them.

Step 10: ASK when they would like to begin work together.

Step 11: Reserve their appointment, including payment information.

Waahoooo! Yay! You have a wonderful, new client that you are joyful about having the opportunity to serve. Yippeee!

Your EnergyRICH® call to Action:

If you can’t shake the fear, then FEEL it, but act. Eleanor Roosevelt said, “You must do the things you think you cannot do.” That’s been my practice. (This can happen a lot as a self-employed professional. You never know what the day holds.) When I feel myself being stuck, I recognize the fear, I take a breath-break, and then I do it. It usually turns out just to be about the “unknown” and then I remind myself that I NOW know where the coffee is.

Ready to receive a consistent activation of heart-energy AND simple steps to take to apply it to the greater growth of your business? Explore if EnergyRICH® Coaching is the true match for you. EnergyRICH® Coaching gives you the most important things to do to really ignite the inner workings of your business and this leads you to set up rock-solid outer marketing systems that feel good to you, so that you consistently increase your income. It’s all about step-by-step support partnered by powerful like-minded group energy. If you have a sense that this inner-outer approach is exactly what you need to pull your business to the next level once and for all.

Author's Bio: 

Heather Dominick, is an EnergyRICH ® Entrepreneur Success Coach, with over 11 years of teaching and coaching experience. Heather's primary focus is in coaching entrepreneurs to powerfully partner inner and outer business principles for more profit. She calls this managing your energy for magnificent marketing. Her strengths include tuning right in to what's holding you back and sharing specially developed processes that move you into joyful action. http://www.energyrichcoach.com

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