Making money on YouTube is relatively simple. All that is needed is a video channel with regularly updated content. You have to add quality to your work to reap large rewards in your money making endeavors on YouTube. You must also set your work apart by doing things differently. Some YouTube tricks and tips to accomplish the above include:
1. Equipment and skills
The most popular videos on you tube are usually well shot and edited. You must invest in good quality cameras, video editing software, sound equipment etc. Some successful YouTube personalities have entire teams. Superior skills and equipment will go a long way in making you money.

2. Originality
This you tube trick entails being yourself. Having videos where your personality and opinions are brought out will definitely set you apart from someone rehashing editing and talking styles from other videos.

3. Service a niche
The most popular channels are about a given topic e.g. cars. This causes people to associate your channel with that topic therefore increasing your relevance and success. Being all over the place just confuses and repels watchers.

4. Add a humorous angle
This you tube trick entails making people laugh. It works even better if your channel deals with complicated or boring material e.g. politics. People frequent channels that make them laugh while offering valuable information. The humor should blend seamlessly into the content.

5. Short and sweet
Keep your videos very short and packed with information. This will leave the watcher yearning for more therefore capturing another subscriber. Long videos tend to be very boring while a short video stays relevant and interesting.

6. Have a signature
This is one of the most effective YouTube tricks and tips out there. Develop a catchy way of saying things. This phrase will stick in a watcher’s mind causing him to visit your channel more often. You just need to look at videos made by YouTube stars to see the effectiveness of this you tube trick.

7. Ask questions
This simple you tube trick increases interaction between you and the watchers. Asking for opinions and suggestions makes watchers feel important therefore resulting in an increase in subscriptions.

8. Giveaways and contests
This simple you tube trick can increase your subscribers and comments tenfold. You can give away t shirts or other simple gifts to watchers provided they accomplish a simple task e.g. suggesting your channel to their Facebook network, tweeting the video URL etc. Doing this on the regular will do wonders for your reach.

9. Use eye catching headlines
This is another of the most effective YouTube tricks and tips. Eye catching headlines attract the most attention from watchers. This you tube trick will work on any topic. Find a balance between sensationalism and truthfulness.

10. Be interested in your community
Your watchers will also watch, comment on and like other videos apart from your own. Some will even have their own channels and videos. Commenting and liking their videos will make them notice you and your work. They can also return the favor by suggesting your channel to their subscribers.

11. Go off-topic
You should occasionally make a video that’s completely unrelated to the channel’s topic. For instance, if you have a channel on technology, make a random video on a new car. This just serves to refresh the watchers.

There are many other YouTube tricks and tips you could incorporate into your work. Success on YouTube is determined by creativity and originality.

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Matt Bacak is considered by many an Internet Marketing Legend. Using his stealth marketing techniques, he became a Best Selling author with a huge fan base of over 300k people in his niche as well as built multi-million dollar companies.

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