Now that you’re stuck at home, how can you take steps to make your life better? People around the world have had their lives uprooted and work and play habits drastically changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While the temporary chaos may seem like a reason for distress, it is possible to harness this change for the better. There is never a bad time to work on self growth, and that includes right now while you’re living your quarantine life.

Here are 11 tips to taking some small steps in the right direction:

1. Exercise- You don’t need a gym and fancy equipment to get in shape. You’re basically in solitary confinement, and those guys get ripped! Do some pushups, crunches, burpees, jumping jack or whatever to keep yourself in shape and sane.

2. Learn a language- Rosetta Stone or just straight up YouTube videos. There are plenty of ways to start learning a new language.

3. Teach English from home- This one is great bc you can even earn some extra cash while just chatting in English to someone in a foreign country. There are several companies that will pay you to chat for a few hours a day.

4. Clean your space- Now that you’re basically doing everything from home, you might as well make it clean. Let’s be honest, this isn’t going to be over in a day, so take some time everyday you’re saving on commuting to work, and clean your home.

5. Create something- Whether a drawing, painting, sculpture, terrarium, take this crisis time to build something up instead of tearing something down. Morale in general will be low, so doing something to build up yours will put a smile on your face and make quarantine a little more bearable.

6. Organize your memories- While you’re cleaning, go through your old photos, both physical and digital. Organize them for yourself, or maybe for the beings that inherit this planet if this is the end of the world. Your memories may become the history of mankind!

7. Plan out your future- Hopefully this won’t last forever… hopefully. So start planning out what you will do once travel bans are lifted and businesses are back open. Give yourself something to look forward to.

8. Make amends- Events like this put things into perspective. Reach out to someone you haven’t seen eye to eye with and hug it out. Well virtually hug it out, let’s keep up with social distancing.

9. Catch up with old friends- Let’s be honest, in this day and age, nobody calls anybody anymore. Well, everyone is locked in their home, might as well dust off your keypad and actually talk to someone on your phone instead of texting emojis. Remember, phone calls aren’t just reserved for your mom, you can talk to anyone!

10. Read a book- Yes these still exist. Here’s your chance to pretend to be Good Will Hunting and ask someone how they like them apples!

11. Use Private Internet Access to surf the internet privately- Now that your internet use is increasing so much, it’s the time to make sure it’s protected.

Written with contributions from Derrick Leon.

Author's Bio: 

Caleb Chen is the Editor at Privacy News Online and has authored hundreds of articles about cybersecurity and improving online privacy. He has been a spokesperson for Private Internet Access ( since 2016 and has been quoted in Reuters, Newsweek, BBC, Business Insider and more. A long time privacy and cryptocurrency advocate, Caleb holds a MSc in Digital Currency from the University of Nicosia.