Buying the first villa Dubai Palm Jumeirah is a great achievement! In 22Carat, we present some tips to negotiate well in buying your first residence and make that precocious that seemed far from your reality to fit more and more in your pocket! Good reading!

1. Stay calm and cool
Before you begin any negotiation, the most important thing is to have peace of mind to logically achieve better conditions. Another important tip is to avoid showing interest in the property, because if the seller realizes his enthusiasm, it will hardly lower the price.

2. Ask for face discount
When you sit in front of the seller, do not hesitate to ask about a discount opportunity, as well as having a chance to receive a response that pleases you, you will also demonstrate that you expect some advantages to close the deal.

3. Use emotional arguments
Good negotiators try to make connections with your caller. Explore the main reasons that influenced you to decide to buy the first property. Some situations are classic and always create a certain sympathy, such as a pregnancy or imminence of marriage.

4. Use the input value to increase your bargaining power
Try to get a good discount when buying your first home. Negotiate; ask what you get with 20% input, 30% and so on. Make the cost-effective analysis specific to your case with each question before hitting the hammer.

5. If you can, pay the property in cash
If you pay full in cash, the buyer can provide the seller with greater security in the negotiation, which allows you to offer greater discounts because it does not require the contracting of real estate financing.

6. Search for similar properties by region
See the similar properties of the region as a parameter and make a comparison with what was chosen by you. If the price you were given is too high, talk to the owner or broker to reach the best value.

7. Do not compare different units
The ideal is to have the help of villa Dubai Palm Jumeirah specialist at 22Carat. Thus, in addition to having a better idea about what the fair value will be for a property, a professional will provide more security to the negotiation.

8. Know every detail of the villa and the region well
Do not hesitate to mention everything you dislike around the property, such as a noisy bar, absence of business premises or excessive traffic, for example. Everything - absolutely everything - can and should be used in your favor to raise rebates.

9. Always offer a counterproposal
You also have to be careful and know when to stop bargaining. If the villa you want does not have many substitutes available in the area, negotiations are likely to be faster. Therefore, trying to bargain too much can make you lose your purchase.

10. Seek out the situation of the seller
Perhaps the seller needs to capitalize on the money to make some investment; he may be more willing to negotiate values, conditions, and discounts. It is also possible to find good opportunities in families who wish to negotiate the villa to share an inheritance.

11. Record the negotiation in writing
Advantage of registering the negotiation is to create a greater commitment between the parties, allowing the business to conclude more quickly.

Now that you know about buying your first villa Dubai Palm Jumeirah , to do this, contact our Palm Jumeirah real estate experts so you do not make a mistake in your choice.

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Now that you know about buying your first villa Dubai Palm Jumeirah