"Life is supposed to be fun", says some great people. And I totally agree with that, life is more fun than you think it is. We all want a happy life, and we all know that having a positive attitude feels better than a negative one. But for some reason, we are all attracted to and can be easily drawn to the negative side. How do we go about to establish a more positive attitude as a daily habit? The following points might help you change your life completely:

1.Count Your Blessings.

Making a list of things you're grateful for may seem silly but counting your blessings may be the single most helpful thing you can do for your happiness quotient, says a group of experts from the American Psychologist Society.

2.Re-live Your Positive Experience

Visualize your every positive experience with closed eyes before going to sleep. This simple exercise makes you focus on positive moments such as a fellow driver waving at you allowing you to go first at a four-way stop, or an e-mail from friend or a word of appreciation or a smile from a co-worker or boss.

3.Socialize More

"If there's one thing that separates happy people from extremely happy people, it's the quality of their social relationships", says American Psychologist Todd Kashdan. Instead of playing computer games or watching television soaps, let's indulge in some human contacts. Even time with strangers ramps up our sense of well-being, says Kashdan. 'We laugh much harder when we're with other people in a theatre, than when we watch a movie alone or with fewer people at home".

4.Escape To Your Stress-free Zone

Think of a place where you always feel calm and happy. Then, when you're tense and miserable, call it up mentally with as much details as possible. Imagine the smell of flowers or that of the earth after rains. Feel the mountain air. Hear the sea. Play the whole video in your mind.

5.Go To The Funny Side

"Humor is like salt in food", observes Psychologist Martin Seligman. It amplifies everything. Watch comedies and laughter channels on TV that never fail to make us laugh. Try to smile at the absurdities of life. Look for the things that can make you smile.

6.Choose Memories Over Materials

If you have to choose between, say, a new car and a family vacation, pack your bags. Even the sexiest sports car becomes a routine over a period of time. But the memory of a good time with friends and loved ones lasts forever. I'm not saying you should not buy a new car. The important thing is spending times with the loved ones.

7.Discover Your Inner Artist

Think back when you had time for creative expression. When did you sing? Or wrote a poetry? Did you love cooking your favorite dish or were lost in a book? Remember feeling so engaged that you lost track of time? Joyful expression can bring you happiness and make your life more fulfilling.

8.Pamper Yourself

Take a message, go to a beauty parlor, listen to music. Put on your best dress, get yourselves photographed, go to a park, or a water park and have lots of fun.

9.Do Good

Acts of kindness, however small, deliver as much pleaser to the giver as to the getter. For example, a real paper-and-pen letter, telling someone who's helped you how much it meant to you, is a surefire cheer-upper. So is giving time, money or both to a good cause.

10.See The Glass As Half Full.

Whenever possible, try to look at the bright side. You might feeling like your life right now is one giant downhill slope, but if you stop and assess it honestly, you'll see actually have it pretty good.

11.Seize The Moment

Rather than wait to celebrate a big event, why not do it today. Let's bake a cake. Take someone out to lunch. Buy pink nail polish. Have a day off, watch a movie. Raise a toast to a good day. Go ahead, try all efforts to be happier.

Some points might seem to you as a common daily life events but believe me if you do all those things with all your heart and with a positive attitude, you'll feel the difference. Believe in yourself and remember the most important lesson of all... a positive outlook is a choice. Choose to be positive. Choose to be happy. Life is amazing.

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