We are living in tumultuous times. We are being called to let go of what no longer serves us, whether we consciously want to release these parts of self or not. All things that have kept us stuck and have prevented us from becoming our very best, whether it is our fear, an old wound, a relationship, a lack of forgiveness or an outdated belief, are being torn away from us now. Nothing that has outlived its usefulness to our own highest good will remain with us any longer, no matter how we try to hold on.

This process can seem very painful and even frightening, as if the very essence of us is being ripped away. Many people are experiencing intense feelings of fear and anxiety. Some are suffering with sudden rashes or welts, throbbing headaches, sleeplessness, nausea and undefined feelings of restlessness. Others are facing unexpected life decisions that feel downright scary-- job changes, relationship upheavals, family crises, relocations.

If we reframe these experiences as part of the natural stretching that occurs as we shift and grow, then it will become much easier for us to release our old baggage and move forward. The spiritual and emotional energies surrounding us now are rising to a higher level, and we are shedding dead weight so that we can soar to new heights. Some of us have carried our burdens for so long that we literally feel as if we are our burdens. Spirit is attempting to help us release everything that has kept us trapped in any type of restriction. If we will consciously attempt to surrender and let go, it will help us release the dead weight and to soar ever higher.

For years our focus has been on caring for others and carrying those who would not take the responsibility to love and care for themselves. Many people spend so much time and energy looking after the emotional needs of others, that they have absolutely nothing left over for them. As more people have begun working on self-love and self-approval, they have begun to see that they are not responsible for making anyone happy but themselves.

This new paradigm emerging is one of self-responsibility. If I am responsible for my own happiness, and if I take charge of my own needs and wants without waiting for someone or something else outside of myself to fill the emotional void I feel inside, then everyone else can and must do the same for themselves.

If we are responsible only for our own healing, we can freely love and support others without feeling frustrated, angry or manipulated because we feel an obligation to heal their pain. Once I determine that I am important enough to put my own energy into me, I will fix my pain; you fix your pain. It is your right and your responsibility to help yourself feel safe, happy, fulfilled and loved. It is not the job of your parents, lover, friend or spouse to do so. We cannot change others, nor do we have the right to try; but we sure can change ourselves!

Here are some points to remember:

1. Everyone sees life differently, based upon his or her own background, personality and soul path. It is okay for you to be exactly who you are and to make choices that are perfect for you right now; no one else has to like or approve of you or the things you resonate to.

2. It is okay for everyone else to have the same rights and ability to choose, based upon their background, beliefs and soul path. If you want the right to make choices that resonate to you, then you must offer that same freedom to others, even if you think their choices are unhealthy, unloving or ignorant.

3. We all have the right to make new choices at any time we desire. You are not the same person you were 10 years ago, and your current choices may be very different from the ones you made years ago. As we shift and grow, we are able to make healthier choices. We have the right to change our minds, whether others find that convenient or not.

4. Don't focus on anyone else's life or behavior. Focus on your own ability to make choices that will provide you with what you need, and what is important to you.

5. Do make it a priority to give yourself some safe space every day. How can you reduce your stress level, rest more, give yourself respite from the chaos of the world? Even the busiest person can allow themselves 20 minutes a day for quiet reflection. If you have no stillness in your life, you will react to whatever life offers, not consciously create intentions for a happy life.

6. Don't waste time, breath and energy trying to fix anyone else. They aren't broken, they are learning. They have the right to make mistakes and to grow through them.

7. The best way to help anyone else is to lovingly surrender him or her to God's care and keeping. You are not abandoning them by refusing to obsess about them; you are affirming that they are enfolded in the loving arms of a being infinitely more capable to support them than you are.

8. Do drink more water. The extra hydration will help you to withstand the added electrical energies flooding through your body.

9. Do use your breath to keep yourself calm, balanced and focused. It's free, it's effective, and it's portable. Try this exercise that my Spirit guides taught me:

Breathe slowly and deeply. Bring your breath in through your nose or your mouth. Allow yourself to fully expand your chest cavity. Push the breath down into your stomach area, then visualize that you are releasing it through your feet. Keep using this image of breath moving in, down, and through to relax and center your body.

10. I find essential oil blends invaluable to help me stay balanced and focused. I do not think that I could do the work I do without them. The Young Living blend White Angelica helps me to seal off my energy so that I do not feel invaded by the energy of others. I also use Sacred Mountain to keep me grounded and centered. A new oil, Palo Santo, is said to be very effective for guarding against the negative emotions of others and to safeguard psychic sensitivity. You can get more information or order the oils at: http://peggyray.younglivingworld.com

11. Use affirmations, journaling, visualization and prayer to reframe your old beliefs. Here are some affirmations to help get you started:

~ I love and accept myself exactly as I am. ~
~ I surrender the past and make room for new love and greater joy. ~
~ I am free to change in every possible way. ~
~ I am creating a life I love! ~
~ I release with Love, and make room for Joy. ~
~ I am a beloved child of the Universe. It is my pleasure to cherish myself, exactly as I am. ~

For more healing affirmations, visit my Facebook page under Rev Peggy Ray.

Finally, I would like to leave you with the advice that my Spirit guides have taught me:

First, take good loving care of yourself; then offer Love and care with open arms to others. First you, then them!

Walk in Love!
Rev Peggy Ray

Author's Bio: 

Rev Peggy Ray is a spiritual teacher, healer and counselor. She offers spiritual healing, counseling, house blessings, distance healings, psychic readings, teleconference classes, help with hauntings, essential oils, and Bach Flowers. Visit Peggy at her blog or at Facebook.