The development of the baby at 11 weeks pregnant, which is 3 months pregnant, can also be observed by parents on an ultrasound examination. There is a greater possibility of seeing the baby if the ultrasound is colored, but the doctor or technician can help identify baby’s health condition and where the baby's head, nose, arms and legs are.

Development of the fetus at 11 weeks gestation

Concerning the development of the fetus at 11 weeks gestation, its eyes and ears can be easily seen on an ultrasound, but it still cannot hear anything because the connections of the inner ear with the brain are not yet complete, in addition, the ears begin to move to the lateral region of the head.

The eyes already have a lens and an outline of the retina, but even if the eyelids open, you still could not see the light, because the optic nerve has not yet developed enough. At this stage, the baby experiences new positions, but the mother still cannot feel the baby move.

The mouth can open and close, but it is difficult to tell from what moment the baby begins to feel the tastes, the umbilical cord is fully developed, providing nutrients for the baby as well as the placenta, and the intestines that were previously inside the cord now enter the baby's abdominal cavity.

In addition, the baby's heart already begins to pump blood throughout the body through the umbilical cord and the ovaries / testicles are already developed inside the body, but it is not yet possible to know the sex of the baby because the genital region has not yet is formed.

Size of the fetus at 11 weeks gestation

The size of the fetus at 11 weeks gestation is approximately 5 cm, measured from the head to the buttocks.

Changes in the woman with 11 weeks of pregnancy

The changes in the woman with 11 weeks of pregnancy, are increasingly clear. Now the belly begins to appear because the uterus begins to transpose the bones of the hip so that there is space for the development of the baby, which can start to make the pregnancy a little uncomfortable.

This week, by performing the first mandatory ultrasound for all pregnant women, the doctor can get some important information like a twin pregnancy, check the size of the baby and correct the probable date of delivery in more detail.

The nausea may continue, but it is normal to diminish over time. As the belly still does not weigh and the woman already starts to feel better, it can be a good time to start preparing things for the baby's birth.


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