Learning how to relax is probably one of the biggest steps you can take toward improving your quality of life and happiness. By incorporating some of these forms of relaxation into your daily life you can transform your world.

1) Massage Therapy - Releases toxins and tension from your muscles and your mind. Increases serotonin and dopamine which helps improve your overall mood.

2) Deep Breathing Exercises - Close your eyes, take a deep cleansing breath, hold it, then slowly release it. Repeat until you feel more relaxed.

3) Exercise - Regular exercise is a great way to relieve tension, increase energy and improve your mood; find an activity you enjoy and do it often.

4) Solitude - Go somewhere quiet to read a favorite book or listen to soft music. Quiet time is a must.

5) Aromatherapy - Light some fragrant candles, use some oils and let the wonderful aroma melt away all your anxiety.

6) Enough Sleep and Rest - Your body must recharge and discharge tensions.

7) Express Your Feelings - Unexpressed emotions are like the seeds of stress, pain and illness.

8) Eliminate Self-Pity - You may get sympathy for awhile, but soon you will get avoided.

9) Alter Behaviors and Attitudes - When ideas or view are not serving you well, change them - learn to see the Positive in people and in situations - learn to respond to situations not react; compromise.

10) Relaxation Techniques - Meditation, yoga, tai chi - your goal is inner peace.

11) Love More - Learn to use things and to love people, instead of the other way around.

Author's Bio: 

Sherry Conaway, LMT, MI, CEP has been in practice for over 20 years. She is the President of Elite Massage located in Dallas over 15 years. Sherry Conaway is a Massage Therapy Instructor and a Continuing Education Provider. She is an active member of A.B.M.P. (Associated Bodywork and Massage Professional), and M.M.A. (Medical Massage Association).
Personally, Sherry volunteers weekly at the local Dallas homeless shelter, The Stewpot and has been doing so for over 8 years.