Are you ready to upgrade to a bigger bed and experience that comfort of personal sleeping space? But thinking which size bed will best fit your bedroom decor? Is a standard king size bed or a queen size bed? Then halt your search because when it comes to bigger size, king size beds wins the race.They are the units which create a sensational centrepiece in the room. But decorating the king size bed is not restricted to only sheets and linens. Accessorising them with perfect size pillows, duvets, blankets etc., make them an absolute piece of furniture that serves a function.
Here we have listed some impressive ways to make the bed like a stylist. Take a look and decorate your bed in the same way to have an amazing appeal.

1. Simple and easiest way to make the king size bed with storage or without is to go for the matching linens like sheets, duvets, shams and likes and pair them with a dark blanket for warmth. You can also add two contrast lumbar accent pillows for a beautiful look.
2. For a comfortable and ravishing look, dress your bed with white cotton duvet, some pillowcases, three decorative pillows having the bold pattern and graphic blanket at the foot of the bed.
3. Another way to make the king size bed is include three solid euro shams and one long patterned lumbar in the front along with soft blanket on the end of the bed.
4. To have a look that complements well with your room decor opt for the white sheets and pillowcases, euro shams of the same fabric as that of the coverlet and one accent pillow reflecting the colour of the room.
5. For a neutral and textured look set your bed with white sheets and shams, geometric pattern accent pillows and comfortable knit throw blanket.
6. Another interesting way to make the bed is to include four white pillowcases and two decorative pillows. Pair them with a colourful blanket having the same colour as that of curtains and a folded duvet on top.
7. For a more enhanced and interesting appeal decorate the bed with pillowcases and shams and pair them with two stylish lumbar pillows, throw blanket and a tucked blanket, all in a neutral tone.
8. If you have a room having dark paint in it, then decorate your beautiful and majestic king size bed with three euro shams having decorative trim, two accent pillows, dark coverlet and a bed skirt that matches to the euro shams.
9. For an everlasting and eye-arresting look stack the pillows on the bed. Include striped accent pillows, blanket in a complementary colour, tucked coverlet and striped bed skirt.
10. If you have an upholstered bed with a tufted headboard, then dress your bed with euro shams and duvet having colourful trim, graphic patterned pillows, throw blanket in a neutral tone and a bed skirt of the same colour as that of the headboard.
11. For a hotel like bed, place the graphic print decorative throw pillows with matching pillowcases and shams. You can also include a blanket of the same colour as that of a foot stool, place at the foot of the bed.
12. For a spiced up look, include different colour pillows, shams and blankets. This type of bedding arrangement will add a dramatic look to space.

There are numerous ways to dress the king size bed. So before setting take a look at some interesting and simple ways and give your bedroom a fantastic makeover. King size beds are the units which not only act as a focal point in the space but also provide a balance in the room. Thus maintain your decor with happy bed and have a healthy sleeping.

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