We all love being happy, and happiness is our true nature, whether we know it or not. We pursue our goals and dreams in life to be happy. Yet, many of us wait for some big thing to happen in life to be happy. We postpone our happiness, thinking we will be happy when we buy our dream home or get that promotion or get married. Yes, these are all wonderful happenings in life which bring us great happiness, but our happiness need not and should not wait for such big things because such big things only happen once in a while and we cannot afford to have just a few moments of happiness in life.

Happiness is the basic need of a human being, and it is imperative to be happy every day for one’s own physical, emotional, mental well-being. Happiness should not be a once in a while experience but should become our everyday experience. Aristotle summed it up beautifully about happiness as – “Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.”

Such basic need of life need not wait for big things to happen. We can create our own happiness in life. Our everyday life will have many activities, hectic schedules, calls, to-do lists, and so on. In this hectic life, how can we find happiness? There are countless number of little things in life that can bring us happiness. Here is a list of 12 such little joys of life.

12 little joys of life
1. Walk in nature – Both walking and spending time in nature bring several benefits like strong immunity, relaxation, fitness, etc. When you combine both, it becomes a powerful combination that amplifies the benefits. This is a great exercise that brings joy and happiness. Watching those beautiful trees, listening to chirping birds, Sunrise, and enjoying the serenity of a morning bring immense joy. Whenever you find time, make it a point to spend time in parks or greenery.

2. Enjoy favorite food whole-heartedly and eat with awareness – Good food brings us joy. Most of the time, we eat in a hurried manner, either lost in conversations or gadgets, and we really don’t relish the food. Because of this, we miss the great joy that good food offers to us. When we eat our favorite food with awareness in every bite and relishing the taste, smell, and colors of the food, it becomes a joyful experience.

3. Indulge in a hobby close to your heart: We all have various hobbies in life like painting, dancing, singing, photography, etc. We need not be experts in these hobbies to enjoy them. Just pick up your hobby and immerse yourself in it for a few minutes. Forget the time and space around you and go deep in your hobby. This simple activity makes you incredibly joyful.

4. Spend time with loved ones: Our loved ones bring so much value to our life. Sometimes, due to the hectic pace of our lives, we take our loved ones for granted and miss the joy of spending time with them. Take some time out of your schedule and spend time with your loved ones. Talk to them, know their views, understand them and enjoy these conversations.

5. Plant a sapling and nurture it: When we plant a sapling and water it every day, it brings us great joy. And when this plant yields a flower or a fruit or a vegetable, our joy knows no bounds. So, plant a sapling. You don’t need a garden for this. You just need a small pot. In addition to creating happiness in your life, you will also be contributing to a better world in your small little way when you plant a sapling and nurture it.

6. Enjoy silly conversations with friends: It is always fun to hang out with our friends and have silly conversations. Just some light-hearted bantering with friends is enough to bring us joy. So, hang out with your friends regularly and have fun.

7. Watch a comedy and laugh out: A good wholesome comedy makes us laugh and helps us de-stress. Laughter releases several feel-good hormones in our body. So, laugh out madly and crazily. Don’t postpone this great gift of life.

8. Make someone happy: Do something to make someone in your life happy. It could be baking a cake or cooking their favorite dish or surprising them with an unexpected gift for no reason etc. When we make others happy, we become happy and joyful in return. Law of nature is – It is in giving that we receive. So when we give happiness to others, we, in turn, receive happiness and become joyful.

9. Learn a new skill: Learning something new makes us happy and confident. Life is huge, with many skills and opportunities to learn. You can pick up any new skills that interest you and learn it. There are various platforms that enable you to learn from your home.

10. Listen to your kind of music: Each one of us is different and we have our own music taste. Music brings us a fresh perspective of life and inspires us to see newness in everyday life. Listen to your favorite music every day.

11. Think of happy memories: When we think of happy memories in life, we start feeling happy. It’s the easiest way to feel joy in life. Look back at your life and think of all those beautiful moments that made you feel happy.

12. Do a random act of kindness: When we do random acts of kindness like giving big, generous tip to someone who does not expect it, sending a note of appreciation, sharing our resources with others, etc, we not only impact others positively and make this world a kind place but we also create joy in our life.

These are some ways to create happiness in our life. Life has many such opportunities, and it’s up to each one of us to grab these opportunities and make the most out of our life. Life is short, and it’s worth celebrating. It’s worth to live rooted in our true nature of happiness.

Stay happy!

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