“Full of Protein, Low in Calories, Lowers Cholesterol, Lowers Blood Pressure, High in Antioxidants, Creamy and Wonderful for All Kinds of Recipes

Mayocoba beans are a wonderful creamy textured and tasty bean which contains lots of nutrition and will do the body good. This is a white to cream colored bean that comes from Central and South America and it’s low in calories, contains lots of protein, lowers cholesterol, lowers blood pressure, full of iron and copper, and much more.

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Where They Grow - Mayocoba beans are native to Mexico but grow all over Central and South America, Europe, and also in the US.

Easy to Growing - Mayocoba beans are easy to grow and provide lots of beans. Grow in the spring and all summer long you will have lots of beans. Cover the seeds with 1 inch of soil, keep them moist, and they will provide lots of food. They grow in most moderate climates and even in tropical areas.

Other Names - Also called Sinaloa Azufrado in Latin, and sometimes called Peruvian Beans, Mexican Yellow Beans, Maicoba Bean, Carnary Beans, Canario Beans, and other names.

Taste - These beans have a super creamy texture and a mild flavor that soaks up the flavors that you cook them with… great for all kinds of recipes. They have thin skin and are similar to Cannellini Beans and Great Northern Beans but I feel much creamier.

High in Antioxidants - Mayocoba Beans contain lots of phenolic compounds which help to prevent and repair DNA damage and to prevent disease in general.

Full of Iron and Copper - Mayocoba Beans contain lots of iron and copper for preventing and healing anemia.

Lowers Cholesterol - Mayocoba Beans contain lots of good plant sterols that lower LDL or bad cholesterol.

Lowers Blood Pressure - Mayocoba Beans contain proteins hydrolysates that help to lower blood pressure and prevent degenerative diseases. And companies are thinking of using the protein from these beans to create nutraceuticals for preventing disease.

Very Low in Calories - 1/2 cup is only 100 calories making them great for weight loss.

Lots of Magnesium - Mayocoba Beans contain lots of magnesium for enzyme production and also relaxing and getting a good nights rest.

Good Potassium - Lots of Potassium - We need potassium for water regulation and good heart contraction.

Lots of Fiber - A 1/4 cup contains a whopping 8 grams of fiber. Fiber is super important for the growth of good probiotic bacteria in our gut.

High in Protein - A 1/4 cup contains 9 grams of protein… for those who are vegans and vegetarians, it’s important to eat beans such as Mayocoba Beans which contain lots of protein.

Anti-inflammatory - Mayocoba Beans contain lots of anti-anti-inflammatory compounds that help with arthritis, joint pain, redness, swelling, and other inflammatory conditions.

Good Carbs - Full of good carbs for getting your up and going and strong all day long.

Contains Vitamin K - Mayocoba Beans also contain lots of Vitamin K for proper clotting.

Contains Manganese - Mayocoba Beans contain a good source of manganese which also helps to prevent seizures, it’s a powerful antioxidant, and is needed to create enzymes in the body.

Great for Cooking - These beans are great for soups, stews, casseroles, dips, to make refried beans, and they soak up the flavors that you cook them with thus making them very versatile. Mayocoba Beans are easy to cook, cover with lots of water, bring to a boil for 10 minutes, shut off heat, cover, and let sit for 2 hours, then reheat and boil for another 2 hours, and they are ready.

Beans and Gas - The more beans you eat the more enzymes you produce so you don’t have gas. Also, discard the water they are boiled in and add a little baking soda to the water and that will help. And there are over the counter enzymes that a person can take to prevent gas when eating beans.

Finding Mayocoba Beans— Inexpensive - I have found a pound bag of Mayocoba Beans also called Canary Beans for around $5.25 on eBay.com and also on ranchogordo.com so they are inexpensive and good food.

Enjoy Mayocoba Beans!

Beans are Extremely Healthy Food… but less than 4% of the people in the US eat beans… no wonder we are sick. Eating 1 cup of beans daily… adds 4 to 10 years to your life.

Many Blessings to Everyone

Dr. Paul Haider - Master Herbalist

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