Part 2 of a 3 part series: Conquering Creativity Challenges

In my last article I revealed the 4 secrets to finding your creativity – the first stage of three in actualizing your creative process. Creative thought is the essence of every woman.

Every woman has the capacity or dare I say the responsibility to share her creativity. But what happens when there are barriers?

Here are the 4 secrets to Conquering Creativity Challenges:

Secret #1: Pledge to Self. Creative, inspiring women practice the skill of self-focus. Women are overcoming societal expectations in order to give high priority to self.

Self-focus does not mean a woman is abdicating her true nature of nurturer. Rather, she is nurturing her soul and creative gifts. Your success doesn’t mean someone else’s loss.

The quote ‘When mama ain’t happy, nobody happy!’ is more than words. Here’s the message: when a woman gives to herself – her creative thought - she has abundance to share.

And no one will listen to us until we listen to ourselves. Marianne Williamson

Secret #2: Transcend Your Gremlins. Here’s a few common ones most woman experience:

• Devaluing your talent - When you devalue your talent you are telling the world you don’t matter. No more, “Gee, it really isn’t that good.” Use your insight and self-knowledge to accept your worth. It isn’t dependent on others. Never give them that power. Believe in your talent and it will not disappoint you.

• Ghosts from the past - What ghosts do you entertain from the past? Whose words are still causing pain? What habits belong to someone else? Give them back! Create your own messages then live them with all your heart.

• Self-doubt – Move beyond your criticisms. List each one and then the reason they aren’t true. Grow you self-confidence by getting in the game. Practice at whatever you are creating. Be curious enough that you have no time for self-doubt.

You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it. Margaret Thatcher

Secret #3: Turn to the Masters. Seek out the best of the best. Read the stories of creative women. Immerse yourself in the reality of their lives – the ups and downs, the moments of despair and the courage they found.

Be your own master. What parts of your life influenced your creativity? Where did you receive support? Create those conversations and pictures once again in your mind. It really works!

Secret #4: Build Partnerships. Women are so accustomed to exploring and fulfilling their creativity AFTER the daily routine tasks are finished. Don’t wait until the house is clean or the kids are bused to their activities.

The old message that there’s something wrong if you can’t take care of everything yourself was wrong then and still is. Engage a partner to share the duties to do what you either don’t like to do or are no good at. A spouse (it’s his house, too), a nanny, an assistant and a business manager, to name a few.

Find a partner who will listen to your ideas – offering suggestions and encouragement. Don’t forget, other women can be supportive in multiple ways.

What secrets have you mastered to challenge the gremlins in your life?

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