Today, it has become critical for a business to maintain a digital presence for it not just to thrive but also to survive. And with the improvement of internet technology, the competition is becoming tough for all the players involved. As each year goes by, we see new trends and concepts taking over, right from logos to SEO practices — all as a result of the technology growing along with us. Google keeps adapting and learning to make its search engine more reliable, swift and predictive.

So how are things looking in the coming year? Based on the past trends and recent changes in Google’s search engine algorithm, here are some SEO concepts you should keep in mind to improve your digital footprint in the year 2020.

1.Snippets rule the search results.

Every SEO specialist used to aim for the rank on the search result, but with rich snippets, the target is no rank 0. The simple box with a small extract of information appearing at the top of the search results are called rich snippets. This may not be the same as the rank 1, but it is what the viewer sees before anything else, making it a game-changer.

2.Artificial intelligence is taking over.

It is a new world today, with the widespread integration of AI in all spheres of our lives, from Siri, Alexa to Cortona in our laptops, smartphones and even smartwatches. The AI has now become a cornerstone for online tools as well, such as Designhill. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning make enriching user experience while helping businesses get an insight into what the customers were looking for, to begin with — hence creating a win-win situation for all.

3.Voice Search optimisation is the next big thing.

As mentioned before, AI and assistants of the likes of Siri have creates a need for voice search optimisation. In simpler words, it means making sure that the information should be easily accessible by systems like Amazon Echo, Samsung Smart TV, Voice Pod, etc. to increase the traffic on your Website.

4.Secure Website should be your top priority.

Obtaining a security certificate is now essential for websites. And this is not only essential for user safety but also enhances the user experience and prevents them from returning from the website sooner. Moreover, with Google putting users in focus, having an SSL certificate also improves your ranking on the search results.

5.Low loading speed is the way to go.

With fast internet and smartphones as the new norm around the world, no user waits more than a few seconds for a web page to load. If your webpage takes a long time to load sure to any reason, the user may return quickly increases your bounce rates and thus hampering all your SEO efforts.

6.Mobile UX can influence your search rankings.

Today, with the widespread use of mobiles and tablets, Mobile First is the way to go. Instead of creating a website and then designing a mobile responsive layout, you should prepare the site, keeping in mind the mobile and then adapt it for desktops. This applies to all kinds of websites and industries, including all e-commerce platforms and even tools such as a logo maker, social media planner etc.

7.Videos are becoming a source of information.

Social media channels and media sharing platforms have revolutionised how we see videos today. Videos are no longer limited to being used for advertisements. They are now informative and are also vital to social media marketing strategies.

8.Structured Data to improve the ranking.

As the google search engine keeps getting smarter by day, having content on your Website is not enough. Now, the content should be user-relevant and curated, keeping in mind the user needs. What is more important is the linking of the web pages amongst themselves. It should make sense to the search algorithm how each page and section of your Website are connected.

9.Knowledge Graph Optimization for a better SEO.

Google knowledge graph can be a boon for your content marketing goals. The continually growing feature of the search giant helps the user know about you without reaching your Website. The neat little section with the entity’s information that you see on the right of a search result is the result of all the data being collated by Google.

10.Authoritative links take precedence over backlinks.

Creating backlinks has been the backbone of SEO since ages, but now backlinks alone cannot provide your brand with the desired visibility. Authoritative links are taking over and offer quality over quantity.

11.Leveraging influencers for SEO.

Industries such as travel, fashion and beauty are full of products, brands and advertisements. Hence, consumers find themselves overwhelmed and as a result, gravitate towards influencers. These influencers are people that provide authentic and personalised reviews, making it easier for consumers to choose. Instead of running two separate campaigns of influencer marketing and SEO, you should aim at deploying them in tandem to maximize your results.

12.Bounce rates and CTR gain more importance
Several reasons contribute to bounce rates. For search engines, high bounce rate translates that the users do not wish to spend more time on your Website and that results in the drop in a website’s rankings. Therefore, aim for low bounce rates and good CTRs.

As the year 2020 approaches, it gives your business a chance to start fresh. If you are launching in the new year, make sure you try all the latest trends, and even the old ones to find those that work best for you. And for an existing business, try incorporating more trends to give it a boost. You can even consider revamping your logo design to keep it exciting for you and your audience.

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I'm a blogger and designer and I work as a creative head for Designhill. I write on topics concerning design, ecommerce, startups, digital marketing, interactive content. My creative work has earned me several laurels over the years.