1. Oatmeal
If I could only choose one source of complex, starchy carbohydrates for a fat loss program, this would be it! Oatmeal is the one carbohydrate food that virtually 100% of all bodybuilders and fitness models eat on a daily basis. What makes it so great? Well, although it.s a starchy carbohydrate, oatmeal has a nice balance between carbs, protein and good fat. Use Quaker oats. Stay away from the sweetened and or flavored oatmeal packets. For variety, add diced apple or banana or walnut into it. For a complete meal, add 1 scoop of Vanilla protein powder in your oatmeal.

2. Yams (and sweet potatoes)
Right behind oatmeal, yams (and sweet potatoes) are probably my second favorite starchy carbohydrate. Flavorful, all-natural, low in calories, and packed with nutrients and antioxidants like beta-carotene, it.s no wonder yams are a favorite carbohydrate among bodybuilders, fitness competitors and health-seekers alike. Combine a piece of yam or sweet potato with a green veggie, a chicken breast, lean red meat or fish, and you.ve got yourself a perfect fat-burning, muscle building, metabolism boosting meal. Prepare it boiled or baked and NOT friend.

3. Irish Potatoes (white or red)
Potatoes meet every criteria of a great carbohydrate: potatoes are a complex carb. They are all-natural. They contain fiber, vitamins and minerals. They are filling. They are low in calories.

4. Brown Rice
Brown rice is another staple food of bodybuilders and fitness people. You can eat it all year round. Replace your white rice with brown rice. By the time you combine it with more greens (fibrous carbs), you would have the perfect fat-burning meal for your breakfast or as lunch. You can get it to buy from your local superstore, health store or super market. Look for brown rice or basmati rice.

5. 100% whole wheat and whole grain products
The.baseline diet. can and should contain a wide variety of bread products with one condition: They must be made from 100% whole grains (and the label must say,.100% whole wheat. or.100% whole grain. as the first ingredient). Replace all white bread made of white flour with wheat bread. It is only allowed during a cheat meal.

6. Green fibrous vegetables (broccoli, green beans, lettuce, etc)
Fibrous carbs are your number one choice for fat burning carbohydrates. Green vegetables, also known as fibrous carbs, hardly contain any calories (they have a low calorie density). It’s impossible to overeat green vegetables. Eat them liberally and eat more of them late at night. A diet of green vegetables combined with lean proteins is one of the best methods of losing weight and burning off belly fat as quickly as possible.

7. Fresh Fruit
Eat your fruits fresh and in season. NO fruit juices allowed. Fruits like apples, peaches, grapefruits, and oranges are only 60-80 calories a piece (or less) so eat more of these. An all-fruit or mostly fruit diet won’t be as effective for long-term fat loss as one that is mostly green fibrous carbohydrates with lean protein

8. Skim milk & nonfat dairy products
Dairy products. cover an entire category of foods including milk, cheese, yogurt, sugar free frozen yogurt, and cottage cheese. Choose skim milk, low fat milk and dairy products.

9. Chicken Breast (and Turkey Breast)
Chicken and turkey are the number one most popular protein sources among bodybuilders and fat loss seekers. Remove the skin and get the light meat found in the breasts or chest. The thighs are higher in fat and calories. Naturally, your poultry should be boiled, broiled, grilled, or roasted and NOT fried.

10. Egg whites
The secret formula for a fat-burning, muscle-building nutrition is to eat a lean protein with every meal. Egg whites have ZERO fat and ZERO cholesterol because 100% of the fat is found in the yolks, so you can eat as many as 6. 8 egg whites if you like. Egg whites together with chicken breast are the ideal lean. protein source. They are actually a super-high quality protein. So you can remove the yolk for your kids or whomsoever (its more beneficial to them). But this does not mean that you cannot eat egg yolks because I myself I love them. I’d recommend one yolk for every six whites.

11. Fish and shellfish
Many people complain about the lack of variety in a bodybuilding-style fat burning diet, which typically has you eating egg whites, tuna and chicken day in, day out. But this has been solved by you eating all manner and types and sea products like shrimp, crab, lobster, mussels, etc. By the way, when you.re eating in restaurants, fish is a great choice, as long as you make sure there are no hidden bad fats or extra calories.

12. Lean red meat
Red meat is high in protein, B-12, iron and creatine. The problem with most cuts of red meat is the high fat content. So choose the leanest cuts of meat with NO visible fat on them. Please erase all those different parts of cow meat and game meat from your mind and lifestyle.

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