Of course, we live in a material world… and because of that, we have to take care of our flesh and blood material bodily needs. But we are also spiritual beings and need to take care of our spiritual needs.

Here are a Few Symptoms of Spiritual Neglect

1 - Always agitated… never able to feel at peace.

2 - Feeling of always being slightly sad and depressed.

3 - No purpose in life and feeling lost.

4 - Lots of feelings of shame and guilt.

5 - Always busy… but never get anything done.

6 - Lots of unhealthy habits that bring us down even more.

7 - Irrational at times and angry.

8 - No satisfaction in our life of any kind.

9 - Occupied with lots of things… but none of them are important.

10 - Life is out of control.

11 - Haven’t laughed in ages… or at least not for a long time.

12 - Feel out of touch with everyone… with very few friends.

But there is a way back to feeling great again.

When we start to take care of our soul we start to feel great. That means doing 1 hour of meditation first thing in the morning and 1 hour of meditation in the evening. Doing 20 minutes of chanting, doing 30 minutes of spiritual text reading, and getting out with loving, caring, kind and uplifting people for 1 hour or more daily.

Discovering our purpose in life and sharing that purpose with others… and using our purpose to help those who are less fortunate and suffering. Learning to forgive ourselves and others for the past and living in the here-and-now.

And having great compassion for ourselves and for everyone else on the planet… and working on having great integrity, honesty, and opening our heart to being in love. Doing a few things that we enjoy daily like photography, walking in nature, yoga, painting, doing crafts, working with children, and more.

Plus opening our heart to God, the Universe, and Great Spirit. And finding great ecstatic joy in waking up every morning and being alive every single day.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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