Dentists are not like most entrepreneurs. They have professions, and they run a business solely dependent on their expertise, much like doctors and lawyers. If you’re a dentist and you have a clinic business that you run exclusively, you need to utilize marketing to achieve your business goals. However, before you finalize your marketing strategy for this year, here are some things you may want to consider.

1. Do you have the money?

A marketing campaign is built by the thoughts and ideas of you and your team, but you won’t see it happen unless you have the cash to mobilize it. Your capital is the biggest factor that can affect your marketing strategies not just this year, but every year after this one. If you don’t have enough money to run your marketing campaign, how will you enforce it?

2. How knowledgeable are you in marketing?

Even if you do have the money, this won’t guarantee that your marketing efforts will succeed. The first thing you need to ask yourself is “Do I know what I’m doing?” If the answer is no, maybe it’s time for you to explore and learn the world of entrepreneurship. After all, you’re not marketing just any business: you’re marketing yourself and your professional reputation as a dentist.

3. Do you need help?

A one-man team is seldom successful, particularly because people have limitations. No matter how smart and energetic you are, at some point, you’ll break down and get burned out with all of the work you’re doing. As the main service provider of your business, you should preserve your health and wellness. Delegate the marketing tasks to others and choose those who really know what they are doing.

4. Is your clinic capable of providing service?

If you’re going to advertise something, you should make sure you can deliver it exactly as you advertise it. If a patient came to your clinic because you’re offering free dental cleaning on weekends, your dental hygienists should be ready and willing to take on the task. If not, you’ll just end up with a lot of complaints from angry patients.

5. Do you have a website?

A website is the 21st century’s most effective marketing tool. If you don’t have a website, what marketing are you exactly doing for your dental business this 2015? Your website will make you more visible, accessible and reputable.

6. Do you need new members for your team?

Without enough people, marketing won’t be efficient. Even if you do gain new customers, if you can’t provide what they need or accommodate them during their visit, they will end up regretting that they visited your clinic. Make sure all the spots in your clinic are filled and your team is functioning properly.

7. Do you have resources?

Marketing can’t be done by simple brainstorming and idea-gathering. You have to turn your ideas into methods that will garner results. If you’re focusing on digital marketing, your resources would be the Internet, social media and different business tools to help you with accounting, predictive analytics and search engine optimization. If you’re mixing offline and online marketing, you can use print ads and signages to localize your marketing efforts.

8. What business goals do you have in mind?

Do you want to open a second branch? Do you want to buy new dental equipment? Do you want to hire a mentee to eventually become your partner? Whatever plans you have, you need to match your marketing ideals with them so that you can gauge your level of success. If you accomplish your plans before the year ends, your marketing strategy was effective.

9. Are you open to challenges and obstacles?

It’s not easy to succeed in marketing, especially if you have close competition. If you wince at the sight of difficulties, your marketing plans will not be of any help to you. You need to solve the problems you face and overcome the obstacles that stand in your way to really make your marketing efforts worth it.

10. Do you accept change?

The Internet is a giant entity that changes constantly, and if you don’t welcome change, it will be difficult for you to keep up with the latest marketing strategies.

11. Do you have customer care strategies?

Some people may not know it, but customer service is a huge aspect of marketing. Without proper customer care, most patients will not want to return for a follow-up consultation. If they don’t want to return to your clinic, it’s highly unlikely for them to recommend your business. They might even post negative reviews about your service that can damage your reputation and diminish your target market.

12. Are you willing to learn?

Sure, marketing may sound simple, but if you’re engaging in digital marketing, things can get a little more complicated. Thus, you need to open your mind to new ideas and learn about SEO and backlinking.

As a dentist in Colorado Springs, marketing your business is one of the keys in achieving your professional goals. However, if you’re not going to deliver what you promise to your clients, your business will gain a bad reputation and end up losing more customers. Marketing needs to be followed by delivery and integrity. That way, your patients will become loyal to your practice.

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