There are all kinds of social networks and websites where you can get complicated, gain display for your work, and send traffic to your website or blog. Probably the hardest bit is deciding which social networks justify the time and effort, and managing to use these effectively network without being tied to them for hours every day.

A social network that designers should consider is Pinterest. Pinterest is visually adjusted, so it is naturally a great fit for designers, photographers and others in experimental fields. The fact that the base and the popularity of Pinterest user has increased so rapidly has great potential to gain exposure for your work.

In this article we’ll take a exact look at Pinterest and how designers can effectively use to generate more traffic to their portfolio and gain more exposure.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest allows users to pin items and classify them as specific advice. As a user, you can set your own advice for any type of object you pin it, and you can also change these tips and your pins at any time. Once you have an account, you can proceed other users or specific advice.

When connected, you will see the latest pin of those you proceed right on your home page. So, others that follow, you will see your pin so. You can re-pin items that have been pinned by other users, leave comments, and you can send messages to users who follow you.
Pins can be linked to particular pages, so if you were to pin a picture from an article in the design portfolio, you could link the pin back to the page for the article on your portfolio site. Pinterest users would then be easy to click on Pinterest to your site. For this reason, Pinterest can be a good source of traffic, especially if you use it to promote your blog.

What Makes Pinterest Unique for Marketers

With a social network like Twitter, you can share a tweet with a link to your recent blog and send some traffic to your website, but in max cases the traffic from this tweet will mostly or completely dry in 24 hours or less.

Even if your tweet is re-tweeted by multiple different users, it is not likely to send traffic to your site for more than a few days. With Pinterest, it is not uncommon for the pins to continue to send traffic for months.

Of course, for this to happen, you need to get your product pinned by some users who have a decent away, or you’ll need a large following your own. Yet Pinterest is an opportunity that many other social networks do not.

Pinterest Tips for Designers :

Create a Business Account and Get Verified
Complete Your Profile
Plan Your Boards
Use Attractive Cover Images for Your Boards
Get Involved
Create Eye-Catching Images/Graphics
Use Text in Your Images
Space Out Your Pins
Use Your Blog to Attract More Followers
Use the Description Wisely
Link Your Pins to the Source
Participate in Group Boards

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