As usual at this time of year, renting an apartment to spend the summer vacation days becomes one of our main concerns. We look for the one that best suits our needs and many times the rush makes us forget some key aspects to avoid having surprises when we arrive at the chosen place. Before we start you should check out these apartment for rent in ho chi minh if you are planning to visit Vietnam this summer

Here we offer a series of tips  to avoid seeing ourselves in situations that can spoil the well-deserved vacation:

1. Distrust of very low prices

The bargains do not exist and less in summer. An unreasonably low price should put us on alert. To ensure that it is not a scam, check the number of people who have rented it before, a large number of tenants is a good sign, and try to collect all the data regarding the landlord (if it is a private individual, an agency ...).

2. Attentive to the advertiser

Sometimes, the advertiser is not the owner, so we must make sure that he has the power to rent the apartment. We must request information such as address, landline, web, etc. If you do not provide them, beware . And if it does, investigate to find out if they are true.

3. The rent is regulated

It is considered a lease for use other than that of housing and is regulated by the Urban Leasing Law , so in a legal contract between both parties the rights and obligations of landlord and tenant are guaranteed.

4. Obtain the maximum possible guarantees

Before signing the contract, the maximum possible guarantees must be obtained from the tenant to ensure that the apartment being hired is really the one offered. If possible, visit the apartment. If not, request the sending of all possible information and save it in case complications arise .

5. Written contract

Although the verbal contract may be perfectly valid, the written contract is always better since it is the only one that offers all the guarantees in the case of a claim . In addition, it is important that the tenant requests a copy of the contract in their language. If the agreement is made by telephone or by messages, try to save them all. The contract must appear: the personal data of the contractors, the description of the property and if it has any damage, the dates of entry and exit, the price closed, the clauses agreed between the two parties and the amount delivered as security.

6. Beware of the advance of money

Before advancing any amount of money, make sure everything is correct and make that advance with an easily researchable method . Payment by card is the safest. In any case, always demand the corresponding receipt .

7. Inventory with photographs

Upon entering the apartment, do, together with the tenant or his representative, an inventory of everything in it and, if possible, take pictures. Point out the damage and that of all this is recorded in the contract . It is important at the time of claiming later the return of the deposit.

8. Common areas, parking

Before signing the contract, find out if there are common areas that can be used or if there is parking. Some owners rent the apartment and parking independently.

9. Price closed

Before signing the contract, make sure that the total cost is what is stipulated in the contract . To avoid surprises, check if services such as cleaning the apartment is included, to avoid that the landlord may demand it when leaving the apartment. In addition, we must bear in mind that the cost of services such as water, electricity and garbage service are borne by the owner.

10. Pets

It must be stated in the contract if pets are allowed. It is the best way to avoid breaking scares.

11. Cancellation insurance

If the tenant cancels the contract within one month of the agreed date for entry into the apartment, the owner must return one hundred percent of the amount of money advanced. If less than one month is left , the conditions agreed between the parties are taken into account. In any case, it is always good to make cancellation insurance to cover unforeseen events .

12. Be advised by experts

It never hurts to make sure everything goes well. The best way to do it is to go to the experts who can give us all kinds of advice and instructions to minimize the risks when planning our vacations .

Author's Bio: 

Angelina is a regular contributor at The Independent.