Nowadays, most children admire YouTubers and want to be one when they grow up. But even though it looks like a lot of fun, there is also a lot of hard work behind the scenes. There are several things to take into account to create a professional channel with a bunch of followers ( To know how to grow one and make it profitable, read on.

1.Upload Quality Content
This may seem obvious, but there are some tips that may help to do it. Many YouTubers create content that is fun to watch but does not provide anything of importance to viewers. This usually makes people watch for a while and leave. Other creators make videos with a lot of interesting information. But they do not hook the audience. The key to generating evergreen recordings is making them as entertaining as informative. In this way, users are likely to keep on watching the channel over time.

2.Create a Content Plan
YouTubers need to have clear in mind what the theme of their channel is. This includes knowing how the videos are going to be structured. When doing this, have in mind what your target audience would be interested in. It could also be useful to do some research as regards what the competition is doing. But make sure not to copy what they do. If the content is unoriginal and repetitive, not many people will want to watch it.

3.Use a Script
Doing this could be useful to make sure that the videos cover all that is included in the content plan. Many YouTubers get off trail when they are speaking in front of a camera. This makes it hard to transmit the content that matters. Of course, knowing what to say beforehand does not entail that one is not authentic. It is only a means to help creators to keep focus. It could also be helpful to include the type of language the target audience could be interested in.

4.Brand Your Videos
YouTube gives the possibility of inserting a watermark right from the app. It gives the videos a more professional look, and so people are more likely to perceive it as more reliable. To do this, one only has to go into the branding page. Then, select the desired picture and accept. Of course, it does not necessarily have to be a logo. It could also be a “subscribe” button. And, if there is a previous image, it is also possible to remove it from there.

5.Keep the Channel Updated
Users generally subscribe to a channel because they want to see new videos regularly. When a lot of time goes by without any updates, they may just hit unsubscribe. Or worse, they could forget that the channel even exists. This is even more so if the videos target the younger generations. They are used to having everything now. How to do this? Well, in most cases, uploading a video per week should be enough. If this is hard, at least try to post one video every two weeks.

6.Optimize Your Titles
Getting people to click on the videos for the first time may be one of the most difficult things. Why would they want to watch content from someone they don’t know? For this, it is very important to have catchy titles that will make people want to click. They should be informative, engaging, and short. It is also useful to optimize them for YouTube’s search engine. Including keywords will help to rank high in search results, and so more people are likely to watch it.

7.Make the Channel Unique
Creating a brand image is crucial. Users have to enter the channel and know what to expect. The best way to do this by customizing the look of the channel through YouTube’s settings. Giving a professional outlook is key here. So make sure to hire a professional designer or at least take a few courses to do this. Having a short but descriptive bio and a customized link could help here.

8.Call to Action
Having users subscribe and like the content can be pretty easy. The best way to do this is by strategically inserting pop-ups throughout the videos. Several YouTubers have done this and report that the number of subscriptions increased exponentially. But be careful. Only do this when necessary and make sure not to be annoying. If this is overdone, many users will probably get tired of it and just leave. Yet, if done smartly, this strategy will most likely yield good results.

9.Invest in the Right Tools
Viewers do not want to watch blurry or dark videos. Having good image quality helps to show how professional the channel is. For this, it is key to buy a high-quality camera. It does not need the best of the best, but make sure to avoid recording with a phone from 2006. Once the video is filmed, it is time to edit it. There are some good free tools out there for this. But, after some time, it is necessary to invest in premium software. There is so much more to editing than just cutting and joining parts.

10.Promote the Content
The more people know about the channel, the more chances of getting new viewers there are. Some tools, like TubeBuddy, help to do this. With them, it is very easy to understand what the audience thinks of the videos. This helps to see what worked and what did not when planning for future months.

Avoid Long Videos
The videos that have the highest conversion rates are the ones that are not more than 5 minutes long. Most beginner creators find that videos that last around 4.4 minutes are the ones that perform better. The videos on YouTube’s top 50 are, on average, only 2.54 minutes long. This gives a good idea about what it is that people want.

Choose the Best
When filming, shoot the same parts of the videos several times. Then, watch them all and choose the one that came out best. It could also be useful to do this from several angles and trying out different lighting. And most importantly, do not skip this step to get it over with. Users want to see high-quality content, and they realize when the recordings were done in a rush. If this happens, most probably they will not want to keep on watching more of the same channel.

The path to becoming a successful YouTuber is not an easy one. Yet, with hard work, quality content, and the right measures, it is totally achievable. It may be hard at the beginning, but once several users have discovered the channel, the whole process becomes much easier.
Following these tips will certainly help to achieve this goal.

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