As you start creating your eBay business, you may find that some auctions fail to bring in the high profits you were hoping for. Every auction counts and every one of them could be very lucrative if you have done the work in the beginning. There are many ways to increase the profitability of your auctions. The following 12 ways can help you to do just that.

1. Do research on eBay of past products like those you are selling. Learn about their profitability in the past. How much did sales bring in?
2. Do research on and to learn about pricing of items like yours at those sites. Because they are direct competition for eBay sellers, you should take those factors in consideration.
3. Write thorough product descriptions. If you are not factual, or you leave out important details, you could end up refunding the purchase price. Plus, those who want the details and cannot get them are going to find another seller where they can get them from.
4. Take the time to take detailed photos using a quality camera. These will help to give the potential buyer as much information as possible so they can make a good decision.
5. Never over promise in an eBay listing, anything you say will be included needs to otherwise your eBay feedback score will plummet.
6. Start listings at the lowest possible amount and allow them to build on their own. You will pay less for a lower starting point.
7. Reduce your fees by not rolling shipping fees into the product cost. This means you will pay more for final value fees! List them separately.
8. Start your eBay listing on a Thursday. Allow it to run for ten days expiring on a Sunday. That way, you have two full weekends worth of bids available to you.
9. Offer free add-ons that could potentially increase the value of a product but do not cost you a lot in the short term.
10. Know how much it will cost you to ship something beforehand. You should price out everything for each listing individually as prices change often!
11. Use keywords properly. Keywords should be included in your headline and description. This way, you get the most hits from searches, where most buy from.
12. Work to become a Power Seller so you can reap the benefits of lower fees.

These 12 methods will help you to make every listing more profitable on eBay.

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