“13-Secret Headlines to Get a Click – not a Delete”
• 1. Urgency: “For real: you SNOOZE, you lose.”

• 2. Question: “What’s the ‘Path-of-Least-Resistance?”
Answer: Habit. It can double your income in 2014.

• 3. Command: “Double your income starting this Month.”

• 4. Teaser: “If you’re not Doubling your annual income,
You’re not in business. It’s just a Hobby.”

• 5. List: “Five Baby-Easy Tips to Double Your Income.”

• 6. Intriguing Offer: “Do you know an immediate way to Double your income in 2014?”

• 7. News: “Bill Gates & Warren B at University of Nebraska recommend Speed Reading.”

• 8. Reason-Why: “5-Reasons Why You can Double your income in 2014.”

• 9. Benefit: “New System to Double your income in 2014”

• 10. Question: “Would You invest 15-minutes daily for 21-days, to Double your Income?”

• 11. Testimonial: “Why Should I believe you?
Answer: We trained the White House staffs of Four-U.S. Presidents to Read-&-Remember 300-pages daily.”

• 12. Targeted: “What One-Skill does a student need to Win-A-Scholarship & ACE High school & College?”

• 13. Fascination: “Are there 3-Professional Rules to Double Your Income in 2016?”

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“The faster you learn, the more you EARN.
You SNOOZE, you lose.”

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