Wakame Seaweed is very common, many people have this seaweed in their seaweed salad at sushi bars. But other than having a fantastic taste this wonderful seaweed also has many health benefits. Wakame Seaweed contains lots of iodine for hormonal balance, protects agains cancer, boosts energy levels, lowers cholesterol, helps with weight loss, and helps to prevent cardiovascular disease and more.”

Where it Grows - Wakame used to only be grown in Japan but now this wonderful seaweed grows all over the world in sea farms and even organic sea farms. And it also grows wild in particular areas.

Cardiovascular Health - Wakame contains agents that lower cholesterol LDL or bad cholesterol. And stop the accumulation of fats, plus helps to prevent hardening of the arteries. Thus Wakame added to the average diet can help to prevent cardiovascular disease.

More Vitality - Wakame boosts vital energy within the body because it contains lots of magnesium. Magnesium boosts metabolism and regulates enzyme production. Plus it balances hormones, and helps the body use protein efficiently.

Lots of Iron - Wakame contains lots of iron that is bioavailable thus making it easy for the body to create hemoglobin and healthy red blood cells that can carry oxygen… thus eating Wakame can provide a boost of energy.

Osteoporosis - Wakame also contains lots of calcium thus helping to prevent and repair osteoporosis. Lack of calcium can result in compression of the spine and bone fractures… thus Wakame may help prevent this scenario. Plus Wakame also contains Vitamin D so add some Wakame to your meals.

Thyroid Health - Wakame also contains lots of iodine which is important for thyroid health. In this day and age lots of people are having thyroid problems. Many people have moved away from iodized salt to sea salt which is lower in iodine and thus goiter and other thyroid diseases have become common… thus consuming Wakame can help.

B-Vitamins - Wakame Seaweed contains lots of B-Vitamins especially folate which is important for infant health. Thus those who are pregnant should eat a little seaweed to make sure they have enough folate to prevent birth defects. Also B-Vitamins boost vital energy and enhance our mood.

Weight Loss - Wakame contains fucoxanthin which prevents the accumulation of fats within the body. Plus it also helps to break down fat into usable energy thus helping with weight loss. And fucoxanthin is not a common agent found in green veggies. And Wakame is very low in calories only about 5 calories per 10 grams of seaweed, and a tablespoon of Wakame contains 4 grams of protein… so to lose weight try some Wakame Seaweed Salad.

Add Seaweed Instead of Salt - Wakame does contains sodium and thus instead of adding salt to food it would be better to add some dried ground Wakame Seaweed and get all the other health benefits of this wonderful healing agent. We need a little bit of salt for good health… but don’t over do it!

Anemia - Wakame Seaweed also contains iron and copper for anemia.

Bloating - Wakame helps those suffering from bloating, by helping to get rid of excess water weight because it’s a good diuretic. But be aware that too much Wakame can do the opposite because it does contain sodium.

Cancer - Wakame contains lignans which have been show in laboratory tests to prevent cancer. A study in Japan showed that eating Wakame can kill breast cancer cells. And eating Wakame could be the reason why cancer is not that common in Japan.

Antioxidants - Wakame also contains lots of vital antioxidant vitamins such as Vitamin A, C, E, and Vitamin K for normal clotting function.

Great for Skin - Wakame is great for healthy and elastic youthful looking skin.
Using - Wakame Seaweed can be used in salads, in mizo soup, in other soups, stews, rice dishes, and just about any other dish can be supplemented with Wakame.

Recipes - If you google “Wakame Seaweed Recipes” lots of great ways to use this wonderful seaweed will come up. And it can also be used as dried seaweed.

Finding - Any Asian market will have fresh or frozen Wakame Seaweed in their freezer or refrigerated section. And dried Wakame can be ordered on-line and can even be found on Amazon… and even organic Wakame Seaweed can be found on-line.

Enjoy some Wakame Seaweed and Feel GREAT!

Dr. Paul Haider - Master Herbalist

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