Creating content every week for a teleseminar, let alone for free is a big undertaking - and something many solopreneurs shy away from. After all, why do all of that work if you aren't making money from it?

Au contraire my fine solopreneur friend, having a free community call will go a long way to building your brand and will pay for itself in clients that are lining up to work with you.

So if you've ever considered doing a regularly scheduled free community teleseminar but have been hesitating - here are 13 reasons you need to!

1. They allow you to share your message. Solopreneurs are passionate people, they have a message to share or a unique philosophy for how to achieve results for their clients. This is a great way to create awareness for that message.

2. They attract your "tribe". When you're sharing your message you're automatically going to attract prospects that resonate with the way you do things. By getting them all in one place and talking to each other you create "tribe" of brand evangelists.

3. They position you as a thought leader. As the person leading these calls and sharing your unique message you automatically position yourself as a leader in your space.

4. They allow you to test interest in your content. As your community grows and becomes more engaged these calls become a great platform for testing content. If you're thinking about creating a new product or program this group will let you know if it's something they're interested in - and they're a great indicator of your market as a whole.

5. They help you actually create the content for products. Not only can you test interest, but you can use the content you're creating as fodder for your tele seminars and hone the message. You can write down the questions you get and make your programs even better because you aren't creating them in a vacuum.

6. They can be repurposed into a membership later. Not into creating products? Your teleseminar archives could be a product in itself! You could offer free live access and turn the archives into a paid membership. (This is usually best done after you have been running the calls for a while and have a library of content built up to demonstrate value).

7. They show that you're consistent in your marketing. So many people struggle with consistency, that seeing someone that can produce content week to week is impressive. Your audience will respect you for staying connected, and trust that if you can produce this great content week to week you probably produce even better results for your clients.

8. They can be repurposed into your marketing material. Just 20 minutes of content on a tele seminar can usually be turned into 2 -3 articles that can be posted to your blog, social media, and article databases which will all help with your search engine ranking. You could also publish them as a podcast, and if you're using slides you could post them as videos. Can you say bang for your buck?

9. You can create awareness for your other products and programs. As a rule a community call is not a sales platform, it's a way to connect with your audience. That being said, since you're sharing so much content that's related to what you do you'll naturally be promoting your programs whether you're mentioning them on the call, or even just by inference by sharing what you're passionate about.

10. They allow prospects to get to know you. For even the shyest prospects tele seminars are a great no risk way for them to interact with you and get questions answered before they take the leap of actually contacting you about your programs.

11. They are a great way to stay connected with current and past clients. Once your work is done you don't want your clients to disappear into the ether. A community call is a great way for them to stay connected with you and you'll be top of mind should they need you again, or if they have someone to refer to you.

12. They are a great way to show off your personality. Your personality is a HUGE part of your brand which is something I talk about a lot. When you're on these calls talking to people every week you become more comfortable with your content and your personality will shine through.

13. They're fun and keep you inspired! As a solopreneur it's common to feel like you're working in a vacuum not getting the positive feedback you need to keep going. When you're meeting with your community every week you'll stay inspired because you'll be getting consistent feedback on what you're putting out there and your audience will continue to tell you what they need which will keep you inspired.

So there you have it 13 solid reason you need you create a free community call to build your brand. Now it's time to go forth and spread your brand message!

Author's Bio: 

Holly Chantal is the founder of The Land of Brand, a website design and branding company for coaches and solopreneurs. Go to and download a free video training on how to use your personality to create a unique brand - because your mom was right when she said you were special.