Yesterday I had a man say to me, “Doesn’t everyone get angry when things go wrong?” and I said, “No Not Everyone”.

This young man has terrible high blood pressure and he’s tried everything from diet to medications and just about everything else. Yet his blood pressure is extremely high and not even his doctors can keep his blood pressure under control.

From what I’ve noticed the cause of his high blood pressure is his constant state of agitation about the smallest things in life. For instance, he’s having new tile installed in his kitchen and the company didn’t get the job done in one day. So he’s ranting and raving about that… and his blood pressure shoots through the roof. — Oh Boy!

Here are a few tips on how to calm your anger:

1 - When something happens… take a break and go for a walk… shake it off and let it go.

2 - Meditate and calm your mind and relax.

3 - Ask yourself… Is this going to matter in 5 years? If not let it go.

4 - Forgive whoever it is and let it go… it’s not worth ruining your health over.

5 - Do some deep breathing… Breathe in a super large breath and let it out super slowly repeat this 50 or 60 times daily.

6 - Talk to a good friend and let off some steam… you need a good friend who is willing to listen.

7 - Go in the backyard and throw a few rocks at the fence and yell and scream.

8 - At night get in your car and roll up the windows and yell and scream… no one can hear you.

9 - One of my friends likes to wad up tissues and throw them across the room while screaming.

10 - Another friend likes to go to garage sales and buy chipped dishes and take them home and break them while yelling and screaming.

11 - Remember that everything runs in cycles today you were down tomorrow you will be up… let it go.

12 - Forget about it and move on with life and feel at peace.

13 - Talk to God about the whole incident and ask God’s for His forgiveness for being angry.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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